Pubs in Ireland can legally offer takeaway services during the COVID-19 lockdown

Thanks to a lack of clarity in the liquor licensing laws you can get a freshly poured pint of Guinness delivered straight to your door

It has emerged that pubs in Ireland can legally offer takeaway and delivery services during the COVID-19 lockdown thanks to a lack of clarity in liquor licensing laws.

As first reported by The Irish Times, gardai sought legal advice following the fact some pubs across the country were already offering these services to customers.

It has now been confirmed to Garda HQ that pubs selling takeaway beverages on their premises or delivering drinks to households do notcontravene liquor licensing laws.

As long as drinks are paid for on a licensed premises they can be delivered to customers and those purchasing alcohol can do so legally from pubs so long as the drinks are consumed 100 metres away from the establishment and not in a public place.

The legal advice published by The Irish Times states:Holders of on-licences may deliver intoxicating liquor to consumers for consumption in their private residences where the sale takes place at the licensed premises.

The law is unclear whether it is lawful for holders of on-licences to pour, prepare or decant intoxicating liquor at the delivery location, which is a public place. Therefore no offence is committed.

Persons may also attend the licensed premises and collect the intoxicating liquor purchased as a takeaway, and the same would be deemed a reasonable excuse under Covid-19 restrictions which presently allow people to travel more than 5kms from their homes."

Gardai still retain the power to confiscate drink sold if they believe it is going to be consumedon the road or in a public place.