Queens Recap – “Do Anything for Clout – Season 1, Episode 5

The episode opens with a glimpse of Lil Muffins' music video “I’m That Chick.”


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As the video continues to play in the background, we get scenes from the other characters. Jill & Brianna are having family dinner, Eric & Naomi are spending time with Jo Jo, and Valeria is annoyed by all of the attention that Jill has been receiving since she has come out of the closet.

Nadine Velazquez

Queen’s new single “Girls Gonna Run That” is blowing up, Eric gets the band a live performance for the American Music Awards. Valeria decides to get ass shots before their performance and learns she has a stalker but she likes the attention.


Brianna’s deceased husband’s mistress Alexis wants Bri’s support as she struggles to decide on keeping the baby or having an abortion.

Muffin attempts to keep her career and life separate but as soon as she overhears young girls saying she’s played out she reacts by getting a jeweled Unicorn horn implanted on her forehead. Think Lil Uzi Vert.

During a father and daughter, Eric gets his chain snatched. Jojo wants him to let it go, but Eric explains that this is Hip-Hop and he has to retrieve it. Eric believes Jadakiss is behind the chain snatching but finds out later that it’s a Tiktok challenge. Jojo and Eric track down the chain snatchers and get his chain back.

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Jill’s husband Darren froze her bank accounts and will not sign the divorce papers.

At the AMA’s Out Magainze party, to everyone’s surprise, Jill performs as Jill The Thrill and The Nasty Butches. The Queens are not happy with Jill or her personal manager Alexis.

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Brianna gets attention from Fivio Foreign and decides to hook up with him after the party.

Valeria’s “stalker” turns out to be her long-lost mother. Brianna learns that Alexis packed up and ran away, and Darren shows up to Brianna’s house to let Jill know he’s not letting her go while burning their divorce papers in her face.

As the episode ends, the Queens perform for the AMAs.