Rapper- Izaya Tiji Age, Real Name, Instagram, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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At the age of 19, rapper Izaya Tiji has made a separate name for himself on the rapping platform. 
Known for his almost dark and somber style of music, Izaya Tiji is one to bring emotions to most of his music.
He is one of the artists who blends his life happenings and past teenage traumas in his music tracks. 
Some of Izaya’s original singles include Deeply, 365, Again, What Would You Do, Flying, Sword, Cats, and many more.
Quick Facts:Name
Izaya Tiji
November 14


@izayatiji Izaya Tiji Age
Rapper Izaya Tiji’s age is 19 years old as of March 2021.
Born in 2001, Izaya’s birthday falls on November 14. The rap artist hails from Ohio, USA.  Facts To Know About  Izaya Tiji 
Rapper Izaya Tiji’s real name is Isaiah Carson. However, the American artist is mostly recognized by his stage name.
About his Instagram availability, Izaya Tiji is present there on the platform with over 750 followers. But, he has not uploaded anything till now on Instagram. He does not seem to have much digital presence on social media sites.
Izaya had a girlfriend but broke up with her. The news of the split was shared by the GetSpiffy YouTube channel on Feb 2, 2020. At the moment, his relationship status is unknown.
Still, in the initial phase of being an emerging star, Izaya Tiji’s net worth remains undisclosed. 
Although he has not been featured on Wikipedia, his bio can be found on other online portals.
Regarding his physical attributes, Tiji’s height and other body measurements are still under review.
As per Genius, he recently altered his stage name to “Izzy KNE”, where KNE means Know Nun Else. 
What’s more, Izaya also played as a member of the creative group, Slayworld. The group comprised producers, rappers, and graphic designers as well.
Lastly, rapper Tiji has entered into a collaboration with a variety of producing artists like Mingo, Dawn, and Wifi.