Rob Kearney opens up about the tragic death of his brother Ross

Rob Kearney opened up on the death of his brother Ross on last night's Late Late Show.

The rugby star talked about how his older brother was tragically killed while crossing the road at just six-years of age.

Kearney told Ryan Tubridy; "He was hit by a truck.

"He and my older brother Richard were dropping a letter across the road.

"It was their first time crossing the main road, it was a big day for the two of them.

"Dad gave them letters to post and they found a letter on the way back that somebody hadn't posted.

"They picked it up and came back into Dad and asked the question 'What should we do with this letter' knowing right well that they could go on their second trip.

"Ross ran ahead and he was hit by a truck as the rest was history, as they say."

He added: "I have no recall of it, fortunately, and unfortunately.

"I haven't had to endure the scars that Mum, Dad, and Richard have had to.

"But there is a huge part of me as well that would have loved to have gotten to know him."

Kearney recently released a memoir, 'no hiding', in which he said it was nice to be able to honour his brother and everyone important to him.

The memoir is available to purchase here.

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