Rude Couple Show Their True Colors In Letter To Elderly Neighbor: “Your House Is The Laughing Joke Of The Neighborhood”

A person’s land is their kingdom. Their house is their castle. And if they’re not harming anyone, it’s their — and only their — business to run it however they want. However, this simple concept is apparently too difficult for some to understand.

Three days ago, Twitter user @goldenstef posted a picture of a disgusting letter her grandpa had received. In it, his neighbors ridicule his house decorations, saying they’re ‘excessive’ and ‘bad taste.’ The senders signed it as ‘decent, middle-class people’ but the contents of the letter clearly show they’re anything but. I mean, how self-conscious and insecure they must feel if the only way they can raise their self-esteem is to diminish others?

The perfect example of how to a trash human being went viral on Twitter, generating over 236K likes and 5.4K comments, many of which are sending the elderly man their best wishes. Let’s hope they will cheer him up!

Here’s the full letter

Image credits: goIdenstef

After the letter went viral, the Internet got to see the house, too

Image credits: goIdenstef

And everyone thought it was anything but embarrassing

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