Russia Suffers Giant Blast As Gas Station Explodes In Volgograd

Russia Suffers Giant Blast As Gas Station Explodes In Volgogradliveuamap/Twitter

A gas station has exploded in Volgograd, Russia, after a fire started leaving 13 people injured.

Footage taken of the incident shows plumes of black smoke after what was described as a ‘giant fireball’ was thrown into the sky.

According to local media, 10 of the 13 people injured were taken to hospital – others refused hospitalisation. Those injured included firefighters tackling the blaze after they were called to the station at 12.40pm local time (8.40 GMT).

While there has been no official explanation for how the fire started, local outlets have reported it’s thought the fire occurred in a fuel tank. Apparently the explosion shook the windows of people’s homes across the city.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations said 60 firefighters and 19 vehicles responded to the scene. Fortunately, employees at the station fled to a safe distance before both the station and the truck were destroyed in the explosion, reported BNO News.

Maxim Chertovy, one of the firefighters in attendance, said, ‘Feeling the blast wave, I fell to the ground. Looking up, I saw the gas station blazing, and the flames rise several meters in height.’

The incident comes just days after a devastating explosion rocked Beirut, leaving thousands injured and over 100 people dead.

Beirut, Lebanon ExplosionPA Images

2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate – the ingredient used in fertiliser bombs – exploded after a fire was sparked by a welder on Tuesday, August 4. The blast of the explosion could be felt from 10km away.

The ammonium nitrate had been stored in a warehouse without the necessary safety measures for six years, according to officials, with Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab saying those responsible would ‘pay the price’.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by both incidents.

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