Ryan Reynolds Surprises Students At Toronto College

Ryan Reynolds is paying tribute to his roots.

The Canadian superstar surprised a class of Journalism students at Seneca College in Toronto by auditing their class unannounced.

He even shared the visit himself with a post on Twitter.

He wrote, “Thank you for the tour, @SenecaCollege. Wish something like this existed when I was starting out. #SenecaProud”.

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Journalism professor Bill Hutchison shared video from the visit to Facebook, showing the actor reading off a teleprompter a story about Dr. Phil. The famous talk show announced on Wednesday it would be ending its run after 21 seasons.

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“It’s clear retirement isn’t in the picture, for 25 years, Dr. Phil gave advice to troubled relationships…” he read before asking his co-anchor, “Are you with me here?”

“Ryan Reynolds is in the house,” an excited student shouted in the background.