Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu in ''Detective Pikachu''

The Deadpool star is moving away from his badass days for a while and focusing on something we're all too familiar with. You better do a good job dude.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds' role as Pikachu will be motion capture while the rest of his co-stars will be normal human beings. Interesting.

Detective Pikachuis based on the game where players work with Pikachu in solving mysteries and crimes.

Starring alongside Reynolds is Justice Smith, who will star in the upcomingJurassic World: Fallen KingdomandBig Little Lies'Kathryn Newton.

This cosplayer was waaaaaay ahead of the curve on this casting choice for Detective Pikachu... pic.twitter.com/USEsg4ajlW

— Yes, please (@SpectacularTime) December 7, 2017

Ryan Reynold (@VancityReynolds) is set to voice Pikachu in the live action Detective Pikachu movie.I really hope Deadpool makes a joke about this at some point. pic.twitter.com/eNfWytiwZr

— Austin (@AustinCTweets) December 7, 2017

Newton plays a sassy journalist who helps Pikachu and Smith on their journey to solving a particular mystery.

The Pokemon franchise has sold over 300 million video games worldwide, shipped 23.6 billion TCG cards to 74 countries and has produced an animated series spanning 20 seasons.

While no other major details have yet been released, we do know that filming will take place in January 2018 in London and will be directed by Rob Letterman.

ReynoldsDeadpoolsequel is set to open June 1.