Sarah Paulson Tells Jimmy Kimmel How She Once Had An Awkward Moment With Matthew Perry At A ‘Make Out Party’

Sarah Paulson opened up about being invited to a “make out party” by the late Carrie Fisher during an appearance on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Paulson explained how she headed to the home of the late writer Gore Vidal to attend the interesting bash, but Matthew Perry seemingly didn’t follow the make out rules when he pulled Paulson’s name out of a hat.

“Carrie had this — and it was her idea to call it the ‘make out party,’ where Shirley MacLaine was — I mean, it was huge,” Paulson said.

“I think Queen Latifah was there. All these people were there, and I was obviously panicked because, neurotic.”

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Paulson went on, “I didn’t see anyone make out, but there was a hat with names in it, and you were supposed to make out with whomever you pulled out of the hat.

“Matthew Perry pulled my name out of the hat, and then promptly left the room.”

“How do you know he pulled it out?” Kimmel questioned, to which Paulson replied, “Because I saw him. He was like, ‘Oh, well…’ And he was like, ‘I got you.’ And I was like, ‘Uh, well let’s kiss.’ And he was like, ‘No.’”

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Despite Perry not taking Paulson up on her make out offer that time, she revealed how the pair did end up getting up, close and personal eventually.

“We knew each other a little bit through one of my very best friends in the world, so it was awkward,” Paulson told Kimmel.

“But then we ended up playing romantic partners years later on a show called ‘Studio 60’, and I got my kiss. I got several kisses. And boy did he regret not taking me up on it back at Gore Vidal’s make out party.”

See more in the clip above.