Send Nutes (as in Nutrients): The 7 Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions of 2022

OK, how in the world are you supposed to know what supplements you should get when there are approximately a billion options on any given store shelf?

Not to mention the constant whiplash of “Multivitamins good! Multivitamins bad! You’re just making expensive pee! But most people are deficient in [insert nutrient here]!”

That’s where personalized vitamin services come in. You take a company’s quiz and get supplement recommendations based on your answers —  and they’ll even ship straight to your door each month. Stick a fork in it and call it done.

Here are our fave personalized vitamin subscriptions of 2022.

Best personalized vitamins

three of the best personalized vitamin subscription bottles

How we chose the best personalized vitamin subscriptions

We connected with Trista Best, RD, of Balance One Supplements about the benefits of personalized vitamin subscriptions and what to look for. We used her tips to create some criteria to narrow down a list of the best personalized vitamin subscription services.

  • A thorough assessment. “General multivitamins are designed for a general healthy population,” she says, “but with various diet patterns and health needs, most people can benefit from something more personalized.” So, the company you choose for your personalized vitamins should ask you about your health, habits, diet, and concerns so they can make truly helpful recommendations.

  • Reputable manufacturing practices. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate supplements as tightly as medications, so it’s important to be suuuuuper diligent about who you buy them from. Look for third-party testing from an org. like USP or NSF, as well as a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) certification, which means the manufacturing facility meets FDA requirements.

  • Vetted products only. We put every product we considered through a thorough vetting process that checks for unsupported health and disease claims, shady business practices, FDA/FTC warning letters, and lawsuits involving a company’s products. We also make sure the company is transparent about the ingredients it uses, doesn’t use any illegal ingredients, and provides dosage information. Only products that passed vetting made this list.

Pricing guide

It’s pretty hard to price these services because the prices vary so much depending on the products recommended for you. Most of these prices are based on the average monthly price the company shares on its website.

However, if you see a “+” on any price, it means we couldn’t find an average cost on the website. So we included the price of the brand’s least expensive supplement, with a plus sign to represent that a monthly plan containing multiple products will be more expensive.

  • $ = under $25 per month

  • $$ = $25–$75 per month

  • $$$ = over $75 per month

Only the Greatist: The 7 best personalized vitamin subscriptions

Best overall personalized vitamin subscription

Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition vitamin subscription

  • Price: $$

  • Products offered: vitamins/minerals, probiotics, protein powder, superfood powder

  • Recommendations from: online test

  • Certifications: third-party tested

  • Pros: skin care/beauty focus, access to an RDN

  • Cons: expensive, bottles instead of daily packs

Things that make us go Hum… personalized vitamins, access to your very own RDN, and a totally free comprehensive health report? Sign. Us. Up.

Hum Nutrition is a beauty-focused personalized vitamin subscription service that offers supplements to target your most concerning skin care woes. But they don’t just do beauty — they also offer supplements for gut health, PMS, weight management, immune health, sleep, and more. Best of all, members have access to an RDN for health and supplement advice.

The company’s free health report (following a quick 5-minute quiz) also offers some really helpful insights. It’s worth a look just to get your hands on this report, even if you’re not interested in the vitamins.

Most reviewers adore Hum Nutrition, but with this subscription you’ll get bottle service rather than Insta-worthy daily vitamin packs.

Most informative personalized vitamin subscription


Care/of vitamin subscription

  • Price: $+

  • Products offered: vitamins/minerals, herbals, probiotics, collagen, protein, electrolytes, etc.

  • Recommendations from: online test

  • Certifications: CGMP

  • Pros: several types of products, focus on research, daily vitamin packs

  • Cons: can be expensive, inconsistent shipping

Care/of is one of the most well-known personalized vitamin services — and you’ve already heard of them if you’re a true crime podcast fan, because they’ve got that little corner of the market locked down tight.

The company’s personalized health quiz will provide recommendations for supplements, and they also offer helpful additions to a typical supplement routine, such as collagen and electrolytes.

Care/of’s research library is robust, too, providing summaries on the existing research and traditional uses of herbs, nutrients, and other supplements. Best of all, anyone can access it on the website — no purchase necessary.

Reviewers are mostly pleased with the service, but some say shipping can be inconsistent and that they ended up with too many supplement pills to take in one day.

Widest selection personalized vitamin subscription


Persona vitamin subscription

  • Price: $+

  • Products offered: collagen, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, herbals

  • Recommendations from: online test

  • Certifications: CGMP

  • Pros: daily vitamin packs, variety of products

  • Cons: difficult to cancel

Persona Nutrition is another popular vitamin subscription service that offers a whopping 85 unique vitamin supplements.

In addition, the Persona Marketplace provides premade packs (like Women’s Multivitamin, Immune Support Kids, and Everyday Teen), so you don’t even have to take the health assessment if you’d rather just grab and go (or in this case, click and check out).

But wait, there’s more! Persona also provides paying members access to a dietitian or health coach for one-on-one consults.

However, according to reviewers, the company makes it very difficult to cancel your subscription.

Best budget personalized vitamin subscription


Nurish vitamin subscription

  • Price: $+

  • Products offered: vitamins and minerals, multivitamins, probiotics, herbals

  • Recommendations from: online test

  • Certifications: USP

  • Pros: inexpensive, daily vitamin packs

  • Cons: quality of ingredients

Nurish is a personalized vitamin service from Nature Made, a supplement company you’ve most likely seen on store shelves. Nurish offers personalized daily vitamin packs composed of Nature Made products.

Nature Made tends to be less expensive than some other vitamin brands, and you’ll see this reflected in Nurish prices. For example, its melatonin and L-theanine (for sleep support) is just $6 per month, and none of the products exceed $15 per month.

However, Nature Made may not offer ingredients that are of the same quality as other services on this list, and their formulations may be more likely to contain fillers or additives.

Regardless, they make daily vitamin packs accessible for SOOOO many more people. You can get it!

Best custom personalized vitamin subscription


Viome vitamin subscription

  • Price: $$$

  • Products offered: vitamins and minerals, herbs, food extracts, probiotics

  • Recommendations from: blood and stool testing

  • Certifications: third-party testing

  • Pros: thorough testing, detailed reports

  • Cons: expensive, eight pills plus a powder pack daily

Viome stands out from others on this list because, despite its higher price, it offers insights and recommendations based on more than a surface-level 5-minute online quiz. In fact, included with a Viome subscription is a blood test and a stool test.

You take these tests before receiving your supplements so that your first set can be totally customized to you, and then you repeat the test every 6 months so your formulation can be updated (and you can see your improvements).

The drawback? These Precision Supplements, as Viome calls them, come in daily sachets of eight pills per day, plus a probiotic and prebiotic powder. That’s a lot to swallow — literally. Regardless, subscribers love Viome and feel like it definitely makes a difference because it’s so individualized.

Best personalized vitamin subscription for women


Binto vitamin subscription

  • Price: $$

  • Products offered: multivitamins, vitamins and minerals

  • Recommendations from: online test

  • Certifications: CGMP

  • Pros: female-focused (with online test that reflects this), nurses on staff

  • Cons: on the expensive side

Binto is a subscription vitamin service uniquely targeted for females in all life stages, and its health quiz features more in-depth questions about health issues like fertility, menstruation, hormones, sexual health, and reproductive status than other personalized vitamin services.

Whether you’re trying to optimize your fertility, regulate your cycles, manage menopause, or stay healthy during pregnancy or postpartum, Binto’s got supplements suitable for your needs.

For instance, their recommendations for a chronically frazzled mom who’s still thinking about having another baby (gulp) included fish oil, a probiotic/prebiotic combo, a prenatal, and N-acetyl-cysteine for ovulation support.

Binto also has nurses on staff to answer your questions, and the company’s reviews are excellent. Customers are super pleased with their experience and supplements — oh, and you can snag male fertility vitamins too.

Best personalized vitamin subscription for athletes


Gainful vitamin subscription

  • Price: $+

  • Products offered: protein powder, pre-workout, electrolytes, fiber, collagen, creatine

  • Recommendations from: online test

  • Certifications: CGMP

  • Pros: custom sport supplements, RD access

  • Cons: slow shipping

If you’re looking for supplements to support your athletic endeavors (go you!), Gainful is where it’s at. While the company doesn’t offer vitamin packs, it does provide personalized protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and electrolyte mixes to fuel your activity and help you recover, along with optional add-ons like creatine, fiber, and collagen.

Gainful considers your diet and goals when creating your formula — so someone’s who’s on keto and into weightlifting is gonna get a different blend than a vegan runner.

In addition to your personalized sport supplements, you’ll have access to one of the company’s dietitians for advice and support.

Reviewers love love love their Gainful products, but some say shipping can be on the slow side.

Are personalized vitamins even worth it?

Not sure if a personalized vitamin subscription is right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using ’em:


  • supplements targeted to your needs and goals

  • convenience of daily vitamin packs or auto-shipped orders

  • access to health experts like dietitians and nurses through some services


  • can be expensive

  • might be difficult to cancel

  • questionable accuracy of online tests

  • may involve LOTS of pills to take on the daily

How to choose the best personalized vitamin subscription for you

OK, we know it’s important to choose companies that are certified by a third party, known for creating high quality products, and super transparent about their ingredients and process.

Here’s what else to consider when narrowing down your options:

  • Type of assessment. Most companies have you take an online quiz to determine which nutrients you need, but a few use actual lab tests to find out what potential deficiencies you have and where you could use a boost. If that extra customization step is important to you, go for a brand like Viome.

  • Access to experts. Some companies have dietitians or other medical professionals available to answer questions and provide personalized support. This isn’t absolute necessary, but it can be a huge plus if you’re looking for help with a specific health concern like pregnancy or menopause.

  • Your goals. While all these services have one thing in common (personalized supplements), they each take a slightly different approach, and you may find that one is a better fit for your goals. For instance, Hum Nutrition is a good fit if you’ve got #HairGoals, because of their beauty approach, while Binto may be a better fit if you’re pregnant or postpartum and Gainful is the best option for athletes.

  • Price. Budget can definitely be a big concern with these services. Some, like Hum and Viome, can be on the pricier side, but Nurish is a less expensive option that could average out to $20 to $25 per month for some people (and still provide those bougie daily envelopes with your name on them).

Frequently asked questions

Who should use personalized vitamins?

According to Best, personalized vitamin subscriptions are particularly useful for people who don’t eat a “typical” diet. “For instance,” she says, “a plant-based dieter may need extra vitamin B12 and a non-heme (non-animal) iron supplement.”

While a newbie vegan may not be aware of this, most personalized vitamin services will catch it in the assessment and automatically recommend the supplements plant-based dieters usually need.

Do doctors recommend personalized vitamin subscriptions?

It really depends on the doctor or healthcare professional, and it may even be worth a convo with your personal doc if you have any concerns about personalized vitamins.

Most healthcare pros we know aren’t gonna turn their noses up at one of their patients taking steps to get healthier, and vitamins tend to be a pretty low risk addition. (But if you have ANY concerns, you should still speak with a healthcare professional before starting.)

How do companies determine what vitamins I need?

Most of the health assessments these companies use include questions from three key domains:

  • Current health: age, weight, sleep habits, smoking, diet, exercise, pregnancy status, etc.

  • Health goals: lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight, build muscle, etc.

  • Health concerns: skin, sleep, mental clarity and focus, digestion, heart health, blood sugar, etc.

Based on your answers, you’ll get two to four recommendations that they think may be the most beneficial for you. Most of these services don’t target every little thing with their recommendations because they understand you probably don’t want to take 20 pills a day.

As an example, a pregnant woman will be recommended a prenatal vitamin, someone who reports struggling with sleep may receive melatonin, and someone on a strict vegan diet will likely be recommended a vitamin B12 supplement.

But these quick online quizzes have no way of knowing which nutrients your body is actually short on, so don’t take the recommendations you get from them as the absolute truth.

Services that include comprehensive testing, like Viome, can adjust your recommendations based on your blood nutrient levels or results of stool testing.

Can I get the same vitamins cheaper somewhere else?

Probably, TBH. And you’re totally allowed to take assessments from these companies and use the free reports they provide to go out and buy your own supplements based on their recommendations.

The drawback of this approach is that, while it may save money, you’ll lose the convenience of the subscription model (and you may not have access to some members-only perks, like one-on-one time with a dietitian). But you do you!

The bottom line

Personalized vitamin subscriptions can provide clarity on which supplements to take, and they offer the convenience of daily vitamin packs and automatic shipments. But you should take results from 5-minute online quizzes with a grain of salt. (We know, it’s hard when you grew up in the age of “What Harry Potter character are you?”)

Regardless, many of these companies are reputable, offer solid products, and even provide support from health experts.

Our process and why you should trust us

This article was written by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). We also consulted with a second RDN to get tips for choosing the best personalized vitamins. We used those tips to pick the products on our list.

Before writing about those products, we put them all through a thorough vetting process that checks for unsupported health and disease claims, shady business practices, FDA/FTC warning letters, and lawsuits involving a company’s products. We also made sure each company is transparent about the ingredients it uses, doesn’t use any illegal ingredients, and provides dosage information. Only products that passed vetting made this list.

After wrapping up our recommendations and tips, we sent this entire article to a third medical professional (in this case, Kathy W. Warwick, R.D., CDE) for review.

So basically, you can feel good knowing that we put in the WORK to get you these recommendations.