Simon Cowell could pursue legal action against bike manufacturer

In August, Simon Cowell broke his back in three places after falling from his electric bicycle

As written by The Sun, music mogul Simon Cowell is reportedly considering taking legal action against the manufacturer of his electric bicycle.

In August, Simon Cowell was badly injured, breaking his back in three places after falling off of his electric bike at his home in Malibu, California.

The X Factor creator narrowly avoided paralysis and was hospitalised where he underwent a six-hour surgery.

A former employee of the company Swind, the manufacturer of Simon's 20,000 bike, told The Sun it's a "death trap" and "an accident waiting to happen" without specialist training.

The former employee added how design quirks could send an inexperienced rider "flying".

The whistleblower said: That thing is a death trap and should never have been sold to Simon without him being taught how to use it.

The Sun reports how an expert claims that if Cowell did sue, a successful lawsuit could amount to up to 10million for loss of earnings and medical bills.

A spokesperson for Simon added: Simon is understandably extremely concerned for other peoples safety in relation to this bike.

"Weve been pressing the manufacturer about this and will continue to press them, including in relation to the claims of the former member of staff.

Back in August in the aftermath of his surgery, Cowell broke his silence on Twitter.

He wrote: "Some good advice...

"If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I have broken part of my back.

"Thank you to everyone for your kind messages."