So Sad: Snoop Dogg’s Mother, Beverly Tate, Has Passed Away

Snoop Dogg’s mother, Beverly Tate, has passed away.

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Source: Daniel Knighton / Getty

Earlier this summer, Snoop Dogg posted on Instagram asking for his fans and followers to send a prayer up for his mother, Beverly Tate. At the time, Snoop revealed that his mother had been hospitalized and his two brothers were by her side, saying she was still fighting the good fight.

Unfortunately, it looks like whatever she was struggling with ended up being fatal. On Sunday, October 24, Snoop broke the news that his mother passed away, with his father Vernell going on to confirming the heartbreaking news. She was 70 years old.

Snoop Dogg has always accredited his mother for his church upbringing and great qualities, with fans of the rapper knowing the two were extremely close. He even revealed his mother checked him over his Gayle King comments after he responded to remarks made relating to Kobe Bryant last year, which lead to him apologizing.

Snoop dedicated a number of posts to his mother since her passing, sharing one that he captioned “Smile Snoopy,” which is what she always told him when it was time for pictures.

Prayers go out to Snoop and his entire family during this difficult time. Below, you can see some of the posts for his mother the rapper posted to Instagram.