Stranded Dog Rescued After Getting Stuck On Island Surrounded By Alligators

Lake County Sheriff's Office

A stranded dog was stuck on a small island in a swampy marsh and neighbours feared for its safety as alligators live in the area. Fortunately, a local hero saved the day, and the dog.

A small brown dog was stuck on an island in a marsh in Lake County, Florida. The dog’s pleas for help were heard by locals in the area who called the authorities for urgent help as they felt the dog would likely be eaten by alligators that have made their home in the area.

Animal Enforcement Officer Amy Riccio arrived at the scene and knew that there wasn’t much time before the dog would be in danger of becoming attacked by predators.

dog in dangerLake County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Riccio inventively used wood to create a makeshift bridge and then managed to save the dog from any immediate danger. These heroics have now been shared publically as many commend the officer on their ingenuity.

In a statement on Facebook, Lake County Sheriff’s Office detailed the event:

AEO Riccio immediately began formulating a plan to save the dog and, without hesitation, entered the thick brush of the swamp and used 2×4 boards to build a makeshift bridge to get to the island where the dog was located.

She was able to quickly gain the dog’s trust before she carried the dog onto her shoulders and back across the unstable bridge where she and the dog were safely rescued.

heroic rescue of dogLake County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The authorities are now looking for the owner of the dog. In the meantime, the dog will stay at the Lake County Animal Shelter safe from alligators.

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