Sultry Facts About Diana Rigg, The Queen Of Sin

Diana Rigg was a firecracker if there ever was one, and she spent her career rebelling against the expectations of others and making scandals wherever she went. From her sex-kitten stardom as Emma Peel in The Avengers to her iconic performance as Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, Rigg was truly unforgettable on-screen—and her romps behind-the-scenes were even more salacious. Here are facts about Diana Rigg, The Queen of Sin.

Diana Rigg Facts

1. She Had An Exotic Childhood

Diana Rigg had an exotic upbringing. Thanks to her father’s cushy job working as a railroad engineer, she spent most of her early childhood in India. Though an English citizen, Rigg lived in the foreign country from the time she was two months old, and spent a happy childhood learning Hindi. Sadly, those golden days wouldn’t last forever.

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