Super PAC Money For Me but Not For Thee! – Opinion

Remember Evan McMullin?

We remember, of course. McMullin, an unaffiliated politician who became a celebrity during the presidential primaries was frank and spoke for both sides. For weary conservatives and libertarians who were feeling skeptical about Trump but couldn’t stomach the thought of another Clinton administration, McMullin’s sudden appearance and common-sense platform seemed like a god-send.

This quickly turned into a disaster when McMullin fell prey to Trump Derangement Syndrome, and started sounding just like any other Democrat on political stages. A failure to pay outstanding campaign expenses, even as he continued to raise money off of his rising public status, proved to be the end of the brief libertarian/conservative love affair with the one-time presidential candidate.

McMullin has returned, as is his hypocrisy. This time, he is attempting to be the electoral foil for Utah incumbent Senator Mike Lee(R), and in a recent campaign email he accused Lee of accepting the dreaded, evil “dark money.”

After a new poll showed us in a near-statistical tie with Senator Lee, a far-right super PAC announced it was spending $2 MILLION to prop up Lee’s campaign.

That is the type of dark-money spending we’ll be up against from now through Election Day.

This is a lot considering McMullin accepts super PAC funds himself. National Review was the first to publish this statement by Jim Geraghty.

It’s also the kind of so-called “dark money spending” that helped McMullin in his presidential bid in 2016! The Lincoln Project is a super PAC, will McMullin denounce their efforts as sinister “dark money spending”? Is McMullin really like every other politician who decries super-PACs against him, but silently supports super PACs which work in his favor?

I’ll take “McMullin is like almost every other candidate in politics who denounces the super PACs that work against him but quietly assents to the super PACs that work to help elect him” for $1000, Alex.

Oh, and that “near-statistical tie?” That’s a bit of a stretch, too. Only registered voters were included in the poll, which was done over eleven days. Anyone with any ounce of political sense knows that only “likely voters” really matter when it comes to polling. McMullin was four points ahead Lee. It’s only June and despite running as an independent, McMullin has the endorsement of the Democrat Party. That endorsement will become a substantial part of the poll numbers by the time we reach November.

People run for office to make a difference in the world or their own part. Others just perpetually run for office because it’s an easy way to raise money and be seen.

Put your money where McMullin fits.