Teresa Fidalgo Story On Tik Tok- How Did She Die? Facebook and Instagram

Teresa Fidalgo Story On Tik Tok: How Did She Die? Facebook & Instagram Table of Contents
The rumor surrounding Teresa Fidalgo on TikTok is a complete hoax.
In current times, the internet has been one of the most powerful things on the planet. It can either spread positive vibes and feelings or negative thoughts and uneasiness.
In context, it is foolish to believe and do whatever is said or done on social media without knowing the reality. Similar is the case with Teresa Fidalgo, the fake story that threatens the death of your mother if you do not share the message.
However, it is not the first time that something like this has happened as it happens regularly.
But, why did this specific matter catch so much attention? Continue to know… Teresa Fidalgo Story On TikTok Explained
The story of Teresa Fidalgo orders the recipient to post her message to 20 people or his/her mother will die in the next few days.
This hoax has not even spared the TikTok app which is in recent times, probably the fastest growing app.
You will see people posting in videos and commenting on them, the message of Teresa Fidalgo demands the receiver to send it to 20 other people. The inability to do so would result in the death of the person’s mother.
Furthermore, it also warns that a girl’s mother died 29 days after she didn’t share the message, which is also a completely fake story.
How Did Teresa Fidalgo Die? Who Is She?
Apparently, Teresa Fidalgo is a lady that died in an accident as it appears in the video clip.
The video clip goes by the title A Curva which shows the exact video of what happened. While a couple of filmmakers are traveling by car in the mountains, they see a young girl standing on the side of the road.
They give her a lift and try to ask about her but she stays silent.
The only thing she says is her name “Teresa” until later when she shows the spot where she had the accident and died. After showing the spot, when the camera turns back, it shows the bloody face of the girl and the car crashes.
Even though the video says it is true footage, you can’t completely believe it since the travelers were also filmmakers. That’s all about the story of Teresa Fidalgo.
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Teresa Fidalgo On Instagram And Facebook
While the hoax recently started on TikTok, it has been there on Instagram and Facebook for a long time.
There is nothing different on what happens on these platforms too since it is completely copy-pasted stuff. Everything about the wording of the message is the same and has been tried to spread in the same way.
You can find people commenting on Instagram posts about the Teresa Fidalgo story and telling to forward it.
If you are worried about the viral story, rest assured because nothing will happen to your mother.
It is a completely false trend going on, and, even if we suppose the clip to be true, there is no relation between Teresa Fidalgo and your mother’s death.
In conclusion, this is only a false rumor spread to create tension and uneasiness in people who easily believe everything they see on the Internet.