The Pathetic Tantrum Over Kyrsten Sinema – Opinion

If you would have told me a year ago that Kyrsten Sinema would turn out to be one of the most controversial political figures of our time, I’m not sure I would have believed you. After defeating Marth McCSally, Arizona senator Sinema has been largely in the background. Even during the negotiations over Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, Sinema seemed content to let Joe Manchin absorb most of the heat.

But Chuck Schumer was determined to nuke his party by forcing a filibuster vote, so a moment for choice arrived. Sinema won. After enduring a determined floor speech, she declared her complete opposition to majoritarian rule.

Sinema was censured today by Arizona Democrat Party after a pathetic tantrum. According to them, she had failed to “do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our democracy.” The mindless repetition of such idiocy leads me to suspect my dog could come up with a better political narrative at this point.

Then came the astroturfing.

Politico reported on Thursday that a group of 70 Democratic donors wrote to Sinema saying it would end all spending for Sinema unless she went along with President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D., N.Y.) scheme to end the filibuster so that their party can pass federal election reform bills.

According to the Federal Election Commission, only 19 people who signed Sinema’s letter have listed donations made to Sinema’s campaign. Six of the 19 people who signed the letter to Sinema only gave Sinema the $5,400 maximum allowed by federal law. Arizona is not the home of any of those maximum donors. One Arizona donor donated $250.

I’m sure Sinema is shaking in her boots at the thought of losing a few grand in campaign cash from a few out-of-state lefties, most of whom have never even donated to her anyway. Are you seeing why I decided to use the word “pathetic” to describe this clown show of a resistance movement?

Like a child thrashing on the floor, there’s a lot of noise coming from a combination of overly online liberal wine moms and girlfriend-less pajama boys insisting Sinema is now persona non grata. “We are going to primary her,” they furiously type from their parents’ basement, confident that Twitter is, in fact, real life.

When that doesn’t work, perhaps they can accuse Sinema of being a racist for the umpteenth time, as Joy Reid did again today? I’m sure that will finally cause the Arizona senator to bend the knee to the collective of incels who can’t grasp the fact that the institution of “democracy” they are always bleating about is literally based on the freedom to vote as one chooses. Or maybe the left can threaten “political consequences” from Joe Biden if Sinema doesn’t fall in line? Yet, shouldn’t it be clear that if the White House had such leverage, we wouldn’t be here in the first place?

It’s like witnessing a bird fly in a window repeatedly. Or maybe it’s more like seeing my old, arthritic labrador retriever chasing a cat. I mean, I respect the effort, but he’s not catching that cat. In the end, these pathetic attempts at forcing Sinema’s hand will only strengthen her resolve. The coping will go on.