The Unparalleled Convenience Of Living In Apartments In DC

A lot of people think of moving to Washington, DC. The employment opportunities are endless for hard-working people. No other city can call itself the nation’s capital. As some locals like to say, DC or the district manages to give its residents the fantastic amalgamation of a small-town feel with a cosmopolitan one. 

The city is divided into four quadrants since it is quite huge. The skyline is influenced by strict limits on development, leaving it with an amazing view. Many can attest to the fact that it is getting quite hard to own a house in DC, and many are shifting towards rented apartments. 

Rented apartments offer unparalleled convenience to their residents, especially in DC. A huge house cannot match the connectivity provided by apartments living in suburban areas. The workaholic DC culture demands connectivity and accessibility. Also, it offers its residents the fantastic convenience of and proximity to a lot of places. There are a lot of reasons why people prefer living in apartments in DC.

The nightlife around is bustling with activity

Washington, DC, is an energetic city at night. It has a bustling nightlife, along with many opportunities to choose from. There are quite a few exciting bars and clubs to choose from. Zeba Bar is quite famous among the NorthWestern residents. You can always expect live music or famous DJs at Club Elevate, along with different complementary services. Residents can easily choose to wind down at any of the clubs that are actually within walking distance to their apartment. It is also a lot safer to be within walking distance from your home, just in case.

The city ranks high among walkable suburban areas

Washington, DC, has a unique development history. This has helped this city establish a very straightforward street grid that is advantageous for people wanting to get around on two feet. This has led DC to be ranked as one of the most walkable urban areas in the country. 

This is confirmed by the 2019 report from George Washington University about the DC metro area being the fourth for ‘walkable urbanism’- where people are able to meet their needs within walking distance. This is the major reason why most people prefer to live in apartments than in houses if they are living in DC. Having such a busy schedule leaves most people no time for exercise, and as such, it is good to be walking around for your daily needs. 

You can quickly meet up with your friends for brunches or a happy hour within walking distance of your apartment. This is also good for the environment since more people walking means fewer people riding in cars. The apartment lifestyle agrees well with this city’s culture. The 1900 Lamont Apartments in DC are conveniently located near Rock Creek Park, providing its residents a break from city life. It’s an amazing place for spending quality time with your friends and family, with breathtaking views of luscious greenery and a lot of trails for running and hiking. 

Several amazing local restaurants are offering delicious food, with the bonus of being walking distance away from the weekly farmer’s market on Saturday morning for fresh and organic produce. 

Transportation is readily available

Even though the city is quite accessible for people who love to get up and about on their feet, transportation is still needed. The good thing about DC is that it is very well-connected in terms of its public transportation. It is very easy and convenient for residents of DC to transit to a distant place. 

The metro in DC runs 5 am- 11:30 pm and is one of the most rapid transit systems in the area. The metro is very easily accessible from these apartments, and most residents are very happy with the connectivity available for them. You can easily think of spending a day in the SouthWestern quadrant without having to worry about how to get there.

Safety is of the utmost importance

When you compare living in an apartment to living in a house, it is quite obvious that living in an apartment offers you much more security. The close proximity of your neighbors to your flat makes it quite tough for intruders to get in. Apartment complexes also have extra security measures put into place in order to keep their residents safe. 

A controlled-access community leaves behind no opportunity for an intruder to enter the building complex uninvited. These complexes are also located near a lively part of town, so the streets are mostly filled with people, making it an extremely safe neighborhood to live in. If you live alone, with your family, or with the elderly, you must consider safety the topmost priority when selecting an apartment. Apartments offer their residents maximum security within an already safe neighborhood. 

Amenities are always a bonus

Houses are not able to match the amenities provided by apartment complexes. You can indeed have some of these built for your home, but that can be quite tough on your pocket since it can be very expensive. Several services are available in apartment complexes, such as the availability of furnished apartments, leaving people with less stress before they have to move. 

They offer laundry facilities so that you do not even have to step out of your building to get your laundry done. They are also pet friendly, so you do not have to worry about leaving your pet behind. They offer flexible leases, bike storage facilities, and even 24-hour on-site maintenance. If there is a broken dishwasher or a leaky roof, you do not have to worry about it.

Shifting to DC is an option considered by many people. The opportunities provided here for financial stability and growth are unmatched. But if you go for options like houses or villas, it can turn out to be a costly affair besides a lot of other factors. Contrary to that, apartment living complements the work culture of the city. It is best to live in places where the connectivity is unmatched by any other.