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Thea Rogers is pregnant with English politician George Osborne’s child at the age of 39. Continue below to know all about Thea.
Thea Rogers is a chief customer officer for Deliveroo.
Previously, she was an adviser to George Osborne and chief of staff at HM Treasury. Their romance seems to have flourished when she was still working for Osborne. 
Quick Facts:Name
Thea Rogers

Business Executive
Engaged (George Osborne)
Expectant Mother
Oxford University Thea Rogers Age and Wikipedia
As of April 2021, Thea Rogers’s age is 39 years old.
The actual date of birth and star sign of the former advisor is unknown. But, her partner George is 49 years old and was born on 23 May 1971. The couple has an age gap of 10 years.
Despite being a chief customer officer and celebrity partner, Thea Rogers is not featured on Wikipedia.
Furthermore, Rogers is a graduate of Oxford University. She started her career by working for Labour’s re-election campaign in 2005. After that, she was hired by BBC.
Thea was a political editor’s producer as well as a senior producer on Newsnight. Following that, she became an advisor to George and chief of staff for HM Treasury.  What a beautiful Easter Sunday it’s been
— George Osborne (@George_Osborne) April 4, 2021 Thea Rogers Family
After the news released by The Times, Thea Rogers is enjoying the spotlight as the fiance of George Osborne.
Previously, George had started a family with his ex-wife, Frances Howell. But, the couple separated in 2017 and eventually got divorced in 2019. They share two children, Luke Benedict and Liberty Kate.
After their split, Osborne started dating Thea in 2019. As of April 2021, they are engaged and Thea is pregnant with her first child with George. "former chancellor George Osborne. His girlfriend, and former No 11 aide, Thea Rogers, is Deliveroo’s chief customer officer and head of communications, with share options thought to be worth millions of pounds"
— Dan Mygind (@danmyg) April 4, 2021 Thea Rogers Instagram
Thea Rogers loves to keep a lowkey profile and is not active on Instagram.
In fact, she does not have accounts on any social sites.
But, her partner George Osborne has a Twitter account. By now, he has amassed roughly 238K followers.