These are some of the most beautiful Irish properties on Daft right now

We cant be the only ones who sometimes want to look up gorgeous Irish properties that we could never afford and have a bit of a gape, no?

There are some truly stunning Irish properties on the market right now that, personally, we could never afford, but we still enjoy living vicariously through the pictures online.

Think of this as a salve to help you recover from our recent grim Dublin rentals round up. Good accommodation does exist, and if you are flush enough to put a bid in for these places, we think theyd be a pretty good investment.

1 - 7,950,000 for this 5 bed, 5 bath in Dalkey, Co Dublin

Letting agents have described this two-level seaside property, which includes a private sun terrace to enjoy the view over Dublin Bay, Dalkey Island and Killiney Bay. as the ultimate coastal retreat

With a sprawling dining room, imposing granite pillars and a custom-built Navona Travertine floating staircase, this property really is jaw-dropping. (As is, let us be real here, the price). If you can afford to stick a bid in,do.

2 - 8,900,000 for this 9 bed, 5 bath sprawling estate in Killiney, Co Dublin

Sorry, did that saynine bedrooms? We know that this place has not been constructed with utility and practicality at the forefront ofpeoples minds, but does anyone need nine bedrooms? Is the Cheaper By The Dozen family in the market for a lush Dublin Bay property?

In any case, we are genuinely bowled over by the view this place offers, which letting agents say overlooks Killiney Bay in what is sometimes called Ireland's Bay of Naples (It is? Thats news to us.)

3 - 12,500,000 for this 8 bed, 8 bath home in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

This Wicklow property is surrounded by tons of rolling, verdant green fields and an impressive lavender garden that is bound to attract tons of fat, fuzzy bumblebees.

The home, which includes a panic room, a swimming pool and guest cottages, was once owned by singer Chris de Burgh. De Burgh and his wife comprehensively restored the Georgian property in 1996.

4 - 9,950,000 for this 8 bed, 9 bath mansion in Donabate, Dublin

This Palladian mansion sits on top of 80 acres of land in Donabate, Co Dublin, and includes its own lake and yew tree walk.

We arent entirely sold on the interior, however, particularly not these large Victorian murals or the completely huge chandelier. Wouldnt like to have to change those bulbs!

5 - 8,500,000 for this 10 bed, 6 bath Tipperary

This 18th-century detached country home is a staggering 1322 square metres. It is said to have been built in 1745 to a design attributed to the renowned architect Francis Bindon.

The property has woodlands on it, which includes indigenous oak, beech, ash, larch and spruce. The bird-watching enthusiasts among you will be excited to hear that buzzards, owls and falcons can often be spotted on this estate.

6 - 3,900,000 for this modern Dalkey 3-bedroom home

If you are more in the mood for something constructed closer to this century (and something that does not make you feel like you are cosplaying as landed gentry), this stunning maritime villa might be just what the doctor ordered.

The tree cover and private walls provide a lot of privacy and tranquility in this glassy home overlooking Killiney.

7 - 2,950,000 for this 5 bed, 5 bath in Rathmichael, Co Dublin

This 5-bed in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown area includes a double fronted faade, inviting open marble fireplaces and timber sash windows.

8 - 4,800,000 for a 7 bed, 6 bath in Foxrock, Dublin 18

Finally, we have to imagine the conservatory in this home in Foxrock is onlygorgeous on a bright, sunny day.

The cultivated 1.5 acres of gardens offer rolling lawns, a host of mature trees, shrubs, box hedging and raised flower beds.

If you have the spare cash lying around, we would absolutely recommend you throw in a bid for one of these show-stopping homes.