This tool will calculate when you will get the COVID-19 vaccine in Ireland

A new online tool claims to tell you when exactly you will get the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Ireland.

This calculator estimates where you are in the queue to receive a COVID vaccine in Ireland.

It is based on the priority list released by the Irish government, which you can view here.

The creators say:

''We created this calculator to deliver all the answers to both of these crucial questions.

''The vaccine queue calculator for Ireland will estimate how many people are ahead of you in the queue to get a COVID vaccine in Ireland. It also predicts how long you might have to wait to get your vaccine.

''By using our tool, you'll have a better idea of when you can expect to get vaccinated.''

You can access the tool here:

The Irish government has published a priority list of groups that will get a COVID vaccine.

It reads as:

  1. People aged 65 years and older who are residents of long-term care facilities (likely to include all staff and residents on-site)

  2. Frontline healthcare workers

  3. People aged 70 and older

  4. Other healthcare workers not in direct patient contact

  5. People aged 65-69

  6. Key workers*

  7. People aged 18-64 with certain medical conditions**

  8. Residents of long-term care facilities aged 18-64

  9. People aged 18-64 living or working in crowded settings

  10. Key workers in essential jobs who cannot avoid a high risk of exposure

  11. People working in the education sector

  12. People aged 55-64

  13. Other workers in occupations important to the functioning of society

  14. Other people aged 18-54

  15. People aged under 18 and pregnant women