Three Ireland launches 5G network across the country

Three Ireland have launched a 5G network across the country this morning.

The company came under heavy criticism after thousands of customers were left without internet or services over the weekend.

They say that their 5G network will initially cover around about 35% of the population.

It has plans to expand that to nationwide at the beginning of next year.

Three's 5G network will be available on both prepay and bill pay.

Those on the prepay plans of 15, 20 and 30 plans will be able to access 5G for a 5 add-on.

Some bill pay customers will have 5G included in their plan already.

Three joins other networks Eir and Vodafone in offering high-speed mobile data in Ireland.

The jump from 3G to 4G was big, but 4G to 5G is equally as big or even bigger, said David Hennessy, CTO with Three.

It is noticeably better even for basic things like just browsing; the absolute immediacy of everything you touch is noticeable.

''Its kind of like driving a really good car, you know, its reactive, it goes fast, you dont wait. People will really see the difference with this.

"We started our 5G rollout with Ericsson last year, building our network to bring customers in both rural and urban areas the best possible experience of 5G from the very beginning. This includes providing superfast broadband to remote areas in Ireland," added Robert Finnegan, CEO of Three Ireland.

The mobile operator has enabled 315 sites for the next generation technology.