Thrilling Facts About Tom Cruise, Hollywood Maverick

Tom Cruise might just be the last bona fide movie star. No one says “blockbuster” like Cruise, and no one gives their all the way that he does—after all, who else has scaled the Burj Khalifa for a part? Behind the scenes, Cruise’s legacy is a lot more complicated. There’s his playboy youth and A-list marriages—and that’s not to mention his bizarre behavior and guarded secrecy surrounding his involvement in Scientology. No matter where you stand on the man, there’s no denying that his story has taken some striking twists and turns.

1. He’s Not Really A Cruise

We know him as Tom Cruise, but he was born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV—the only brother to three sisters. His parents were Mary Lee, a special education teacher, and his father and namesake, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, was an electrical engineer. Sadly, the name wasn’t the only thing that Cruise’s father gave him.

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