Tinu Vidaicu Wikipedia Age, Net Worth and Instagram- Roxana Ionescu Husband

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Tinu Vidaicu is a fun-loving musician and businessman, who is best known as the husband of Roxana Ionescu. 
Tinu Vidaicu is a businessman and a DJ musician who was recently highlighted on the news after his wedding with Roxana Ionescu.
Tinu Vidaicu loves having fun, travelling, partying and spending all of his hard work in pleasurable activities with his friends. Tinu never stops working hard as fortune is bought only by hard work.
Tinu Vidaicu
April 18
Vladut Vidaicu
Roxana Ionescu Vidaicu
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Tinu Vidaicu Wikipedia And Age
Tinu Vidaicu, the businessman is 40 years of age. He recently celebrated his birthday on 18th April.
He was born and raised in Timisoara, a western city in Romania. He is still based around the same city. Tinu is a single child to Vladut Vidaicu, his father, Unfortunately, there is not much information about his mother.
Tinu has his hand dipped in various works. He is the owner and founder of Epic Society, where he runs his business of event planning. Tinu organizes events for those who wish to spend huge amounts of money in celebration and partying. 
Tinu is also a member of Dirty Nano, a DJ duo band. They play remixes and dance music mostly in clubs. They are one of the most known and reputed artists in Romania. After ten years of playing his music, he also gives DJ masterclasses at Maestros Del Ritmo.
Tinu is also a manager of Ponton Casa Baraj, which is a touring company that organizes events mostly sports in the high mountains of Romania. 
Tinu Vidaicu Net Worth
Although Tina Vidaicu is a highly successful figure, he has not revealed his net worth to the public.
But we can see him spending money every now and then suggesting he has a pretty impressive and big net worth.
Tinu Vidaicu Instagram
Tinu Vidaicu is active on Instagram at @tinuvidaicu. He loves showing his lifestyle on Instagram. Tinu does not hesitate to show his love for his wife on Instagram. He recently celebrated his first year anniversary with his wife Roxana Ionescu, who is a Television presenter and a big celebrity in Romania. The couple is also expecting a child together.