Tips for Starting a Supplement Business: What to Look for in a Softgel Manufacturer

If you're thinking of setting up your own supplements business, there's never been a better time to start! The supplements and wellness industry is booming thanks to increased interest in natural ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, especially in these times of quarantine. As a result, it's possible to really make some solid progress, in launching your own supplement or wellness brand this year.

The internet makes it easy to run your own business, and even find items to sell in the first place. This is particularly true in the wellness industry, where you can find and connect with a softgel manufacturer that will offer you end-to-end service in order to get your company up and running. Here are just a few factors to consider as you're looking into a supplement or softgel manufacturer to partner with, as you begin your new business venture.

Think about customer service.

It's important to do a little bit of research about your options for supplement manufacturers, before you commit to one. Customer experience is a crucial aspect of any vendor relationship, and especially when you're relying on one manufacturer for end-to-end service. You need to be certain that the way they treat their clients is impeccable.

Thankfully, the internet makes it easy to find a highly reviewed softgel manufacturer so that you can have peace of mind about entering into a business partnership with them. Even so, it's a good idea to come prepared with questions for your manufacturer, including queries around lead time, how capable they are of scaling with you, and other issues to be brought up on this list of tips.

Evaluate branding and packaging capabilities.

As you compare and research different manufacturers, one thing to keep in mind is how capable each business is in helping you with branding and packaging. It's important to remember that the supplements field is regulated by different industries, and as such, you have to be both careful and clear about the benefits you're promising with your softgels, sports drinks, powders, or vitamins. It's crucial that you come up with an attractive and appropriate way to market your supplements, in order to avoid any legal trouble down the line. A good supplements manufacturer will be able to help you navigate these sorts of rules whilst also helping you come up with a stylish way to package and advertise your product.

Pay attention to formulation options.

Another thing to keep in mind during the manufacturing process is what sort of flexibility the company, has in terms of formulation. Having consistency in the potency of your softgel capsules is vital if you want to build a solid following for your company. At the same time, it's just as important to think about different sorts of additions you can make to your formulation process, in order to make your business even more attractive to potential customers and help your small business stand out in the global market. For example, depending on who you're interested in appealing to, having vegan supplements, recyclable packaging, or cruelty-free products can be very alluring.

Offer choices when possible using CPQ solutions.


If you offer customizable softgel packs, it's important to let your customers know what they can pick and choose. It's worth noting that not all manufacturers may offer this functionality, but if they do, you may have to use third-party CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software in order to help customers make these sorts of purchases. The strengths of more configurable orders ultimately mean you're more personalized to the customer, which can be a major win.

At the same time, you may need to use business-to-business CPQ software for more complicated orders, as your business grows. Having a platform with Customer Relationship Management, or CRM integration, can be key in ensuring that you're able to use your data for any other business applications, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.