Tired Of Seeing Panic Attacks Over-Romanticized In Movies, This Woman Explained What They’re Really Like

Cinema has long been notorious for its portrayal of mental illness, often driving further stigmatization of those who suffer from it. On-screen, we often see caricatured and exaggerated versions of people suffering from various mental illnesses that are simply inaccurate. Sadly, for so many people out there, movies are the only source of information they get about these issues, leaving them unable to show understanding and compassion to those who suffer from them.

The best way to combat the stigma and misrepresentation is through education and that’s exactly the course some people have decided to take. After realizing how romanticized panic attacks are in movies, one Twitter user decided to call them out in a tweet. The woman then clearly explains what panic attacks actually look like and why they are far from romantic.

Recently, a Twitter user brought attention to the unrealistic portrayal of panic attacks in movies

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After reading her explanation, many people out there who have been dealing with the same issues responded in agreement. To highlight her point, they started describing how panic attacks feel to them and how it differs from what they are used to seeing in movies.

While she agrees that it’s fine for filmmakers to show people having panic attacks on-screen, it’s important that they do it correctly

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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 6 million adults, or 2.7% of the U.S. population, suffer from panic attacks that are caused by a panic disorder. While anxiety disorders are highly treatable, however, only 36.9% of those who suffer from it receive treatment.

People responded by sharing what panic attacks actually feel like

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