Tommy Zizzo Father- Who Is Tommy Zizzo? Lets Look His Instagram

Tommy Zizzo Father: Who Is Tommy Zizzo? Lets Look His Instagram Table of Contents
Tommy Zizzo is the son of the singer and veteran reality TV star Erika Jayne. Read the article below to find more about him.
Tommy Zizzo is a police officer by profession.
However, he came to popularity as the son of Erika Jayne, a musician and veteran reality TV personality.
Similarly, Zizzo has a close relationship with his mother, but he likes to keep his relationship with his father private. 
When it comes to his parents’ relationship, they married in the early 1990s and divorced when Tommy was a toddler. Meet Tommy Zizzo Father
The father of Tommy Zizzo is Thomas Zizzo, who is a professional DJ. 
Similarly, he has been in the same line of work for a long time. Further, Thomas has also worked at several clubs, making a substantial sum of money until now. 
Besides, Thomas Zizzo is also the owner of the “Hunk Mansion,” a male strip club.
His father certainly has experience working in various professions in the past, but it is unclear about his exact career.
Additionally, Thomas is the head of “Bail King Bail Bonds,” as well as the owner of an internet firm in Las Vegas called “Pure CRO.”
Who Is Tommy Zizzo?
Tommy Zizzo is a police officer who works in the police department of Los Angeles city. 
In an interview with Romper, his mother, Erika, said that her son was meant to work in law enforcement. 
Further, she also voices her concern regarding his job as a “dangerous profession.” Tommy is now working for the Los Angeles Police Department.
Similarly, Tommy was born in Manhattan, but his single mother, Erika, raised him in Los Angeles.
Further, he became a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy in late 2014. 
Moreover, the Jersey City Police Activity League also posted a congratulation post on their Twitter account for his graduation from the LAPD.
Additionally, Tommy’s nationality is American, and he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Is Tommy Zizzo On Instagram?
Tommy Zizzo is not available on Instagram at the moment. 
Besides that, he does not have any profile on other social media platforms, as he wants to stay far from his mother’s fame.
Nevertheless, his mother, Erika, has a verified account on Instagram with 2.3 million followers.
Furthermore, Erika is also on Twitter and has 429.9k followers so far.