TommyInnit Character Death Explained- Is TommyInnit Dead On Dream SMP Server?

TommyInnit Character Death Explained: Is TommyInnit Dead On Dream SMP Server? Table of Contents
TommyInnit’s character in Minecraft faced an insulting death after falling into a trap.
TommyInnit is an influential gamer and Minecraft player.
He has amassed a huge following on Twitch and other gaming platforms, thanks to his entertaining commentary in the background. 
TommyInnit has been able to create a distinct name for himself at a young age. He initially started streaming on his YouTube channel and later moved towards Twitch.
The gaming sensation is also quite popular for playing Among Us. For now, he mostly plays Minecraft.
Quick Facts:Name
April 9, 2004
@tommyinnit TommyInnit Character Death On Dream SMP Server Explained
TommyInnit’s character on the Dream SMP server was killed by his rival Dream. 
His death happened at the hands of Dream when Tommy went to visit him in the prison. The opponent used a potato as his weapon of choice, which further added insult to the injury.
TommyInnit started playing against another gamer named Dream in the Dream SMP server about a year ago. Dream SMP is a multiplayer server where multiple gamers compete to win the title.
The main story of the Dream SMP server was a competition between TommyInnit and Dream, which seems to have finally reached its conclusion. Facts To Know About TommyInnit
The news about the death of TommyInnit’s character was revealed by the gamer via his Twitter account.
TommyInnit has a massive following of 4.1 million on his Twitch account, where he primarily streams to his fans. He has written ‘incredibly influential gamer’ on his Twitch Bio.
Born on April 9, 2004, TommyInnit’s age is 16 years old as of March 2021.
TommyInnit’s life can be seen on his Instagram. The Twitch Star is active under the username @tommyinnit, where he has a following of nearly 1.8 million.
Likewise, The Twitch Star also streams his games on his YouTube channel named TommyInnit, which has a whopping 6.78 million subscribers.
TommyInnit has collaborated with other famous streamers like Tubbo, Badlinu, Applenox, et Cetera.