Top 5 legal ways to use youtube mp3 converters?

As we all know, downloading media from YouTube is a necessity. We have watched a lot of videos on a daily basis and we want to save them for later use because we cannot manage an internet connection all the time. 

There could be many reasons for downloading any video from YouTube. 

But is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

Many of us are wondering, is downloading the youtube video using a third-party app legal or not?

So let's have a close look at the terms and conditions of YouTube and learn about the legality of downloading.

YouTube and illegal downloading:

YouTube clearly mentioned in its permissions and restrictions that users cannot access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display cell license after modifying any part of a video, until or unless having the permission of the company.

It is clear from the statement that downloading is also an illegal term according to YouTube policies.

It is because when a creator puts in a lot of effort, spending their time to create content by using his/her own research resources and creative ideas and copyright their music on YouTube. Then this music video becomes their legal property. According to laws, it is unethical to download anything without the owner’s permission.

Many third-party apps promise to give you the ethical downloading, that is legal in all aspects. But it is your responsibility to ensure that what you are getting is legal or not.

Why is legal download compulsory?

There are many videos and contents on YouTube that are non-copyrighted so you don't have any issue downloading them without their owner’s permission because that media is not legally owned by a specific company or a person.

The reason behind the illegal downloading of copyrighted video is that the musicians who are giving their everything to produce content to get fame and revenue can lose their motivation. 

As you download a video illegally, that is copyrighted and the creator was getting revenue whenever you watch that video. This is not justice with their efforts. 

In simple words, they lose their watch hours when you download their video. That results in a bad remake for them no matter how good their content is.

How can you convert a video into MP3 legally?

You can download a video legally by these methods

1. Get YouTube Music Premium

Get a premium or paid YouTube music subscription so you can download any video content of your choice and get its excess for offline playback. Additionally, if you have a premium account you won't be disturbed by ads. 

And when you download any video from your favorite musician or content creator, they will get revenue. This is the number one legal way provided by YouTube itself to download any video. 

2. Online converter tool

Open YouTube in your browser. Find the video you want to download and convert it into MP3 format. You will find a few videos showing results related to your keyword. Click on the one you want to download, now copy the link. 

Now open a new tab and search for YouTube to MP3 converter. Find a safe one, open it and paste the link in the search tab. The download option will come up, click on it to select your required quality and format like, MP3 format and HD quality. 

Click on the convert button, and your video starts converting into MP3 using y2mate. It takes a few seconds to convert your videos into your required format. 

Now click on the download button and select the location where you want to save your file, make sure you choose a convenient folder where you can find your video easily.

By using this method you can easily convert YouTube to MP3 legally.

3. Video converting software

You can find many YouTube converting software and applications online that could be paid or free. By using these apps you can effectively convert any video into an MP3 file with your desired quality. 

All you need to do is download YouTube to the MP3 converter on your device. Now open YouTube and find your desired video that you want to download. Click on the share button, a dialogue box will appear where you find many apps for sharing.

Find the name of your downloaded converter. Click on that converter and the video will automatically open in that video converter. Now click on the download button after selecting the quality and the format you will be downloaded on your device. 

Make sure to download copyrights before downloading a video so you can prevent downloading illegal videos.

4. Use regular Media Players

Regular media players like VLC and others that are pre-installed in devices can also be used to download music from YouTube. They download music in MP4 format. They are compatible with almost all operating systems.

5. Audio downloader

Use an audio downloader for this purpose. Audio downloader allows users to download YouTube video and convert it into audio files. 


Most of the methods are free and easy to follow. Just keep in mind to check the copyrights of the video before downloading so you don't need to face any difficulty later.