Tori Spelling Talks Upcoming Breast Implant Surgery On ‘Jeff Lewis Live’

Tori Spelling got candid about her breast implant replacement procedure.

The actress spilt the beans on SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”.

“Let’s talk about your implants,” the host prompted Spelling.

He went on to praise her for taking “active steps” and doing her “due diligence” when it comes to seeking consultation.

When asked “how big” her next implants will be, Spelling let out an exasperated, “Oh my god”.

“I set a date yesterday,” she said, once she got over her embarrassment.  Co-host Megan Weaver congratulated her. “I know, I’m finally doing it!’

Spelling first got her breast implants 20 years ago. She admitted in an Instagram story in November that they were expired and needed replacement.

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She began detailing the process, “I couldn’t decide. [The surgeon] was showing me two different kinds. He said, ‘do you want higher profile or moderate profile?'”

“I didn’t even know that was a thing,” Lewis answered in surprise.

“I didn’t either!” she responded.

The actress went on to explain the difference was the shape the breasts would take and how they would affect her wardrobe choices.

The burning question on Lewis’ mind, however, was the size.

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“So, what size?” he repeated.

“You know, my doctor says letters are irrelevant,” the star responded.

Lewis quipped, “They’re relevant on ‘Jeff Lewis Live’.”

After they haggled back and forth, Spelling finally admitted that the doctor said her breasts are a “D”, and with the surgery, the sizing will be “a little bigger, but it won’t look it.”

Jeff Lewis hosts “Jeff Lewis Live” on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy daily at 12:00 p.m. ET.

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