Trailer For ‘Karen’ Horror Movie Mocked As ‘Terrible’ Get Out Rip-Off

Trailer For 'Karen' Horror Movie Mocked As 'Terrible' Get Out Rip-OffAloe Entertainment

The trailer for upcoming thriller-horror movie Karen has been mocked as a ‘terrible’ rip-off of Get Out.

As the name might suggest, Karen centres around the stereotype of the racist, entitled white woman who calls the cops and/or the manager at any given opportunity.

Orange Is The New Black‘s Taryn Manning plays the titular Karen, the neighbour from hell who begins targeting her Black neighbours, Malik (Cory Hardrict, American Sniper) and Imani (Jasmine Burke, Saints & Sinners).

Check it out below:

Now, Jordan Peele has started trending on Twitter, with many people viewing Karen as a sub-par imitation of his modern horror classic, Get Out (2017).

For those yet to watch Peele’s critically acclaimed directorial debut, Get Out follows the young Black photographer Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) during a visit to the family home of his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams).

The way Rose’s family behaves towards him makes Chris feel increasingly uncomfortable, and it soon becomes apparent that something is very, very wrong.

At the time, Get Out was widely praised for its clever skewering of white liberal America, exposing the horror and the prejudices lurking just below the supposedly accepting surface.

Get Out (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures

With Karen, some film fans believe that director Coke Daniels (His, Hers & the Truth) has borrowed heavily Peele’s style and themes, without necessarily bringing the same substance.

As one Twitter user put it:

It seems everyone has their Jordan Peele wig on lately. What he was able to do with Get Out was interesting for the time being but we really don’t need ‘Black folks being terrorized by racist whites’ to become a horror sub genre.

[…] It’s just lazy and Black ppl deserve better than this. The idea of a ‘Karen’ has become so memeified that ppl often forget that this is our reality and shit like this is very dangerous for us and HAS gotten us killed. Leave films like this alone, we don’t need or want it.

Another wrote:

Everyone’s been doing their best Jordan Peele impression and I absolutely hate it. See the magic of Get Out was that it wasn’t so on the nose like this. It generated discussion and, depending on who you asked, generated very different experiences for different folks.

At the time of writing, a release date for Karen has yet to be announced.

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