Travis Kelce Reveals What It Takes For A Romance To ‘Really Take Off’ Amid Taylor Swift Rumours

Travis Kelce is opening up about his dating game — including how long it takes him to know whether he likes someone or not, his dating deal breakers and more.

While appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Dear Media’s “Lets Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari” podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs NFL star chatted about how he knows whether he can trust a girl or not, revealing that it takes “quite a bit of time” to figure out.

“To really dive into a relationship with somebody, I feel like it’s gonna take at least… It’s gonna take some time. It’s not gonna be immediate because [of] the stuff that I’ve been through just in my past,” he told Cavallari. “I feel like you really gotta know somebody to take that step and really be committed and be in full throttle.

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“I can’t just meet somebody and automatically think that, you know, forever is just a day away. I think that’s just too much and I’m setting myself up for failure,” the two-time Super Bowl champion elaborated. “So I think it takes quite a bit of time to know somebody and really get to find that affection and love for one another.”

When it comes to trust, Kelce — who’s rumoured to be dating Taylor Swift — said, at first, there’s none.

“Initially I don’t. I can’t trust anybody,” he admitted. “So like to feel that genuine trust between someone, that’s where I feel like you can really take off. Initially I’m going up with like curtains, like jail bars, I’m going up with everything secure, like before it’s locked down until I really get to know somebody.”

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Nonetheless, the fan-favourite football tight end does believe that the initial spark and chemistry can grow.

“Oh yeah. 100 per cent. I think it can grow,” he said. “The initial spark is always fun. That’s the peak of the rollercoaster for the majority of it but, at the same time you know, as you get to know somebody, you get to see their tendencies and what they do on a daily basis.”

As for his deal breakers and red flags, Kelce, 33, bases someone’s character off of how “humble” they are.

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“You have to be grounded. You have to have some sort of like just a balanced lifestyle. High maintenance I’m out the door. I’ve never been a part of that,” he said. “My mother is an absolute angel so I kind of base everybody’s, you know, [what] I look at in a significant other based off of how kindhearted and sweet my mother is. So you gotta have some sort of like sweetness to you.

“If you’re arrogant or if you think you’re snooty or higher or above people, that’s the biggest turnoff for me,” Kelce emphasized.

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