Trump: ''Kamala Harris can't pronounce her own name''

US President Donald Trump has said that if his opponent Joe Biden wins the election on Tuesday, 'China wins'.

Both candidates are in the Midwest for a busy schedule today.

Trump spoke for over an hour in Michigan earlier.

It's his first of three rallies for the day.

Next up are rallies in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and then wrapping up in Rochester, Minnesota.

Biden meanwhile, delivered remarks in Des Moines, Iowa.

Later, he'll be at a drive-in rally in St Paul, Minnesota, and will finish up by giving a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"Crazy Bernie is like a conservative compared to her, Trump said in Michigan - making reference to democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

The line was an effort to cast Kamala Harris, Biden's running mate and a former prosecutor, as a radical leftist.

Trump continued, saying that it was important to say her name 'exactly right.''

He also claimed thatHarris herself is unable to correctly pronounce her own name.

It came after the incumbent earlier tweeted that if Biden won, China would win too.