Trump campaign website 'defaced' in apparent hack

A police probe is underway after Donald Trump's presidential campaign website was 'defaced' on Tuesday in what his team has called an 'attack'.

Incumbent President Donald Trump's campaign website fell foul of hackers on Tuesday night.

A banner appeared across the page at, claiming "this site was seized, the world has had enough of the fake news" spread by Donald J. Trump.


Rather ominously for Trump, an allusion is made at the bottom of the hack that "the truth is coming".

There's no certainty as to what "truth" is coming, though, the Democrats will be hoping that it means a damaging leak relating to the US President is imminent.

The hackers claim to have evidence of crimes committed by the Trump family, and is offering the sale or prohibition of these files in exchange for cryptocurrency.

The site was taken offline a short while later with Trump's team suggesting an investigation was underway after having informed the police.


Trump campaign spokesperson, Tim Murtagh, said the site was "defaced and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack".

Mr Murtaugh asserts that no sensitive information was gained by the hackers.

Many will be wondering where the attack originated and who carried it out, with social media commentators crying conspiracy involving the highest ranks of foreign adversaries.

However, it's worth noting, the last time a similar ransomware attack took place in July, it targeted the social media accounts of Democrats like Joe Biden and Barrack Obama, with a 17-year-old from Florida ultimately found to be responsible.