Trump Moved Cyber Security Budget To Pay For His Wall Before He Got Hacked

Trump Moved Cyber Security Budget To Pay For His Wall Before He Got HackedPA Images

Just days after the US government was targeted by one of the largest hacks in recent years, a former FBI agent has made explosive claims about the Trump administration’s failure to prevent the attack.

Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI deputy director for counterintelligence, said that hackers were able to target supposedly secure government systems in part because cybersecurity funds had been diverted to other areas considered more important by the president.

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He told MSNBC:

We have a president diverting money, billions of it, to build a wall, changing personnel at the top of the Pentagon and we’ve not heard word one about the plan or strategy to respond to this ongoing attack.

…there is no one in charge from the Oval Office down throughout the intelligence community.

Earlier this week it was reported that state-sponsored hackers had used a software company called ‘Solar Winds’ to access the systems of multiple US federal agencies, including at the Pentagon and the White House.

And in a worrying new twist, Politico yesterday revealed that the hackers were also able to comprise the National Nuclear Security Administration, which is responsible for the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpiles.

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This latest news has understandably spooked government officials, with many questioning how it was possible for such a large attack to so easily infiltrate some of the country’s most sensitive systems. According to the Independent, one official described the attack as ‘worst hacking case in the history of America,’ adding that ‘they got in to everything.’

Figliuzzi said:

Make no mistake, our nation is under attack and it appears to be ongoing.

How does something like this happen of this magnitude?

It’s just like 9/11… we’re going to need congressional oversight and increase to figure out what in Heaven’s name has happened who is in charge where did the failures occur and we need oversight and coordination like never before.

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Building a wall between Mexico and the United States was perhaps the biggest promise of Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Two years ago, Trump shut down the government over Congress’ refusal to fund the wall in its budget, and later declared a national emergency allowing him to divert funds away from other government departments to go towards the wall.

Vox reports that so far, Trump has siphoned $18.4 billion away from other departments for his wall project, including $7.8 billion in January of this year from the Department of Defense, which is responsible for national cybersecurity.

Many are pointing the finger at Russia for this latest attack, although the origin of the hack is yet to be confirmed. Figliuzzi told MSNBC that unless the government took cybersecurity more seriously, attacks like this will continue, saying ‘Joe Biden on day one is going to be fighting another kind of virus, the Cyber kind.’

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