Trump’s Space Force Wants To Build A Base On The Moon

Trump's Space Force Wants To Build A Base On The MoonPA

It seems America isn’t big enough for Trump – this time, he’s got his beady eyes on the moon.

US Space Command leader John Shaw said Space Force is looking to build a base on the moon, confirming the news at the Air Force’s AFWERX Engage Space Conference on Tuesday, September 29.

Speaking about Space Force’s plans, Shaw said, ‘At some point, yes, we will be putting humans into space.’ In regards to actually setting up a base on the moon, he added, ‘They may be operating a command centre somewhere in the lunar environment or someplace else that we are continuing to operate architecture that is largely autonomous.’

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The news comes after NASA and Space Force teamed up together last week to achieve a number of objectives. However, before you start digging your moon boots out of the garage, it won’t be happening for quite some time yet.

Shaw highlighted two main reasons that are preventing them from sending people to the moon any time soon.

As per, C4ISRNET, he explained:

First, space isn’t really all that habitable for humans. We’ve learned that since our early space days and the second is, we’re getting darned good at this robotics thing in space.

You know, the best robots that humans have ever created are probably satellites — either ones that explore other planets or operated within our own Earth/moon system. GPS satellites might be among those. They’re incredible machines, and we’re only getting better with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We’re going to have an awful lot of automated and autonomous systems operating in Earth and lunar orbit and solar orbit in the days and years to come doing national security space activity.

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As well as the satellites, Space Force and the US Air Force are investing in robotic capabilities, leading people to beg the question as to why humans need to go into space when robots can be sent instead.

Despite robots being most likely to be sent up to space anytime soon, NASA just last week announced it has invested a huge $28 billion plan to return astronauts to the moon before the end of 2024.

The plan, which was unveiled Monday, September 21, outlines new details for the expedition, which will apparently see crews launching on NASA’s Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket before flying to the moon via an Orion capsule. The astronauts will then transfer to a commercially-developed lunar lander, which will ferry them back and forth from the lunar surface.

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