Twitch- Pace22 Real Name, Age Wikipedia, Girlfriend And Net Worth

What Is Pace22 Real Name? Everything About The Twitch Star And Youtuber Table of Contents
Twitch star Pace22 is leaving his anticipated fans unanswered who are desperately trying to know his real name. 
As we all are aware that, Pace22 is a professional Twitch Star and YouTuber. He plays Sea of Thieves as a full-time streamer.
Pace22, as a Sea of Thieves creator, made the “sneak tactics (aka tucc)”.
More on him, Pace22 is enlisted as a three-time undefeated Sea of Thieves Arena tournaments champion. The championship includes Twitch Rivals, Sea of Champions Tournament, and Battle for L.A. as per Sea of thieves.
Pace22’s Instagram bio suggests him as a PvP player and salt collector.
Let’s get to learn more about the web star Pace22, who managed to garner over 80k subscribers on YouTube and 200k followers on Twitch.
Quick Facts:Name
March 21, 1998
Twitch star
Net Worth
under review

Pace22 What Is Pace22 Real Name?
Pace22 is among most of the Twitch streamers who chose to keep their real name a secret. 
However, he, fortunately, didn’t hide his face from his audience, unlike some web stars.
Pace22 Age And Wikipedia
At present, Pace22 is 23 years old as he was born on 1998 March 21, as per the Filmi Feed site.
Further, there is no Wikipedia page dedicated under Pace22’s name. However, the Twitch star’s brief bio has been featured on few gaming sites. Who Is Pace22 Girlfriend?
We found no information about Pace22’s girlfriend.
The good-looking gamer might be dating someone in private as he never makes a disclosure about his relationship matters. What’s more, the Twitch steamer Pace22 also prefers keeping his family background away from the public sight. 
How Much Is Pace22 Worth? Pace22 must have racked up a pretty significant net worth amount considering his Twitch and YouTube increasing subscribers & views.
According to the Noxinfluencer site, Pace22’s estimated potential earnings are $ 608.04 per video, given his 80.5k subscribing members and over 11 million views. It is to be noted that this value solely focused on his YouTube income.