Twitch- SacredXO Asmr Age, Real Name Instagram, Net Worth

Who Is SacredXO Asmr? Everything On Her Bio And Wikipedia Table of Contents
SacredXO Asmr is an ASMR artist popular on Twitch. She is a full-time streamer on the platform. Here are some less-known facts about the mic tickler.
SacredXO recently graduated from university to become a full-time streamer on Twitch, Patreon, and many other social media. She also occasionally uploads her satisfying ASMR videos on YouTube.
Ever since she discovered ASMR as a listener 3 years back, she decided what she was going to do as she continued pursuing her university degree.
5 feet 11 inch
Youtuber, Mic tickler
SacredXO Age 
The ASMR artist is at the age of 22 years as she mentioned her age in her introduction on Twitch.
22 and a graduate, now she is a full-time mic tickler and loves to stream such relaxing videos.
[embedded content] What Is SacredXO’s Real Name?
SacredXO loves going with the name that has risen her to fame. She hasn’t revealed her real name in any media yet.
SacredXO On Instagram
SacredXO is definitely on Instagram. She is active on the platform by the username @sacredxox.
She has 9368 followers and 84 posts where she introduces herself as a professional mic tickler.
On her feed, she promotes her ASMR videos by dressing up as different cosplay characters. She is a big fan of cosplay.  SacredXO Net Worth
SacredXO streams and uploads ASMR videos on various social media almost on a daily basis, which is the sole profession adding up to her net worth.
The amount paid by her followers for subscribing to her channels and accounts on those media is how she earns her living.
She also raises funds for her needs and cosplay costumes.
Twitch: SacredXO Asmr
SacredXO’s popularity is linked to her committing account on Twitch. She streams ear-tickling ASMR videos on Twitch for 4 hours on a regular basis.
On the platform, she goes with the username @sacredXO and has gained 69.8k followers. Her goal is to gain 100k followers on Twitch by the end of 2021.
Despite the popularity, she hasn’t made it on Wikipedia yet. But with her uprising fame, we can expect it to happen soon.