Two dead and 14 injured in mass New York shooting that 'sounded like Vietnam war'

The Rochester Police Department confirmed there have been "fatalities" in a mass shooting that broke out on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Two people have died and 14 injured in a mass shooting that broke out in a New York state, the Rochester Police Department have confirmed.

Gunfire begun in the early hours of Saturday, September 19, 13 Wham reports, with witnesses claiming the bullets sounded "like the Vietnam War."

The Rochester Police Department confirmed the Pennsylvania Avenue shooting had resulted in "fatalities" and said the major crimes unit is on scene.

In a police interview, RPD interim Chief, Mark Simmons, said 16 people have been shot and two people have died - one male and one female.

Chief Simmons added that both fatal victims are between 18 and 22-years-old and said the shooting broke out at a backyard party.

He did not address who the suspect was, but confirmed the scene will be held for a "considerable amount of time."

A reporter said he could hear "family members" around him "crying and consoling each other" and said the sobbing was "really painful to hear."

The 14 wounded people were taken to two different hospitals, Simmons said, and none of them were reported to have life-threatening injuries.

Upon arrival, police found a crowd of upwards of 100 people, and Simmons said the scene was "chaotic."

He added: "This is truly a tragedy of epic proportions."

Police described the incident as a "mass shooting"and several armed units appeared to be on North Goodman Street through to Pennsylvania Avenue and Short Street.

A Twitter user said: "Tons of police cars and a mobile command unit."

The shooting comes as the citys Police Department has been rocked by the death of Daniel Prude, with calls to defund the police.