Two More Arrests in the UK in Regard to Texas Hostage Situation – Opinion

As we reported previously, Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris appeared to have been absent in action when discussing the motive for the takeover of the Texas synagogue in Colleyville. That, despite the hostage-taker — Malik Faisal Akram — allegedly demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, the terrorist known as “Lady al Qaeda.” Siddiqui is presently locked up in a Fort Worth federal facility for 86 years for trying to kill U.S. military members. Physically, however, all the hostages survived the attack. The incident ended when the police entered the synagogue. Akram died as a result.

Biden mentioned that the incident may be related to someone who had been “arrested” long ago, but although he referred to the incident as an “act of terror,” he scrupulously avoided mentioning any Islamic terrorist connection, and he didn’t mention Siddiqui’s name or offense or Akram’s name.

Biden also didn’t note that Akram was a British national, allegedly with a criminal record, which raises the question of how Akram got into this country — did he have known connections? Is this why he was allowed to enter? As I noted in my prior story, there’s a big additional question that the media should be asking — about whether Biden’s executive orders might have made it easier for Akram to get into the country.

Now there’s more intriguing information in the case. According to reports, two teenagers were detained in the UK by Greater Manchester police. They are currently being interviewed about their case. There isn’t a lot of information about why the teens were arrested and are being questioned. But they have been identified as Akram’s sons.

According to NBC’s Mike Kosher, the sons were on the phone with the Akram during the hostage-taking.

The police may feel that they have valuable information or might be questioning the suspects. It would seem logical. This could indicate that police may be looking at other avenues. It is likely that they would want to investigate and eliminate any other potential issues.

I wait with bated breath to see if we hear anything more about “motivation,” though the FBI does at least now appear to be acknowledging that this was an act of terror.