U2 to launch their very own radio channel later today

U2 X-Radio will be broadcast on North American satellite radio station Sirius XM

Later today marks the launch of U2 X-Radio, a satellite radio channel dedicated solely to the Dublin rock band.

It should be noted that initially, U2 X-Radio will only be available to listeners in the US and Canada, however, as reported by RTE, there are plans for a global launch.

What will be available in the initial stages for Irish listeners is a monthly mash-up of best bits so Irish residents can listen in to what they are missing out on.

Now, down to specifics. The radio channel is launching in North America at 3pm Eastern Time which is 8pm Irish time.

In terms of content, everything will be curated by U2 and is set to include all their hits, rare recordings and interviews with band members, as well as celebrity guest features and exploring U2 influences.

A press release by Sirius XM reads: "A complete immersion into the work and influences of the band from the Northside of Dublin, U2 X-Radio is U2 as you have never heard them before.

"An extraordinary and unique audio experience exploring the band's history, idols, influences and current passions, plus inspiration, conversation, culture, commentary and ideas from the band and guests. All curated by U2."

The edge

Original programmes as part of the channel include Bono Calling, which will see the U2 frontman interview guests from world leaders to movie stars.

Bono will interview comedian Chris Rock in the first week of U2 X-Radio's launch.

The Edge will also get his own show and "Desire" will be hosted by the U2 audience themselves.

Speaking ahead of today's launch, Bono said: "Radio introduced me to music so you could say that radio introduced me to my life It has kept me company all my life.

"Music dared me to dream outside the four walls of my childhood bedroom Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg, all my heroes, far away at sea, pirate radio rocking me to sleep.

"Radio is all around, it is air you can be on revolutionary sounds coming down to meet me on the airwaves Music is everything to me, I like to sing and I have been known to talk This will be a bit of both From the Northside of Dublin, this is the U2 group on the radio."