Video Of Extreme Flooding Ignites Greenpeace Petition Calling For Boris Johnson To Act On Climate Change

Video Of Extreme Flooding Ignites Petition Calling For Boris Johnson To Act On Climate Change@greenpeaceuk/Instagram/PA Images

A video of extreme flooding in London has caused Greenpeace UK to call on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take ‘real action’ on climate change. 

Greenpeace, a global network of independent campaigning environmental organisations, has called on the PM to show ‘real climate leadership’ after footage from a flooded London tube station emerged.

The video was initially posted on Twitter by Rob Day and shows Pudding Mill Lane Station, near Stratford in north-east London, having been flooded with rainwater following flash-floods.

Pudding Mill Lane is reportedly just one of eight different stations across London to be shut due to the weather conditions.

Greenpeace UK took to Instagram to highlight the incident and call on the PM to do better, writing, ‘A sweltering heatwave followed by severe flash floods – a stark reminder that we are at the very beginning of our own domestic #ClimateCrisis.’

It then urged people to tell Johnson that he needed to take ‘real action on climate change’.

In its Instagram bio, Greenpeace UK linked to a petition addressed to the PM, titled ‘Time for the UK to deliver real leadership’.

Greenpeace’s petition goes on to say:

Dear Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

It’s time for the UK to deliver real leadership on climate change:

  1. Fossil fuels: stop new fossil fuel projects and create millions of new jobs in renewable energy, green homes and clean transport.

  2. Finance: legislate to stop banks and investors from funding climate-wrecking industries.

  3. Forests: genuinely protect forests, oceans and nature.

  4. Fairness: increase funds for climate action in countries on the frontline and reverse cuts to the aid budget.

The petition has amassed 131,098 signatures so far and Greenpeace UK is urging the public to help it reach 150,000.

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