Wailing at the WashPost: Post Laments Impending Red State Abortion Bans

With the Supreme Court’s monumental decision to overturn Roe V. WadeAfter being released, all liberal media have entered into a collective mourning, grief and anger. This predictable keening was a first wave. The Washington Post’s Caroline Kitchener, whose article “Roe’s demise marks new phase in state-by-state battle over abortion” is little more than a massive freakout about the impending abortion bans in thirteen different states.

Kitchener starts by emphasizing who Kitchener believes our sympathies should be with: The abortionists 

The decision was made shortly after 10:00 Eastern Time. Patients were expected to seek abortion care in many clinics within the trigger-ban state. The administrators had to face the busy waiting areas and tell patients they couldn’t legally do it. They also distributed lists to clinics located hundreds of miles away to inform their patients that not all of them could travel..

After lamenting the diminishing resources for women to seek out-of-state abortions, she highlights a foreign organization dedicated to providing illegal abortions, “Aid Access is an Austria-based organisation run by Rebecca Gomperts (Dutch physician). It mails abortion pills all 50 US states including more than a dozen that have outlawed abortions by mail.. Their orders from Texas increased by over 1,000 percent when the state enacted its six-week ban.” 

Of course, no article would be complete without a reference to how this decision means everyone must vote Blue in November, “Results of midterm elections may impact whether abortion will remain legal in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, states with Republican-led legislatures and Democratic governors who support abortion rights.”

Kitchener emphasizes the many steps Planned Parenthood has taken to assure that abortion is still available to women and that funds are not emptied.

Planned Parenthood, and other abortion clinics, are trying to make it as easy as possible for as many clients as they can. The southern Illinois area, which hosts approximately 14,000 people from outside the state, is where most of these patients will seek out abortion treatment every year. This program is a standout call center that helps patients book travel appointments as well as covers the costs of the trip.

She then focused on one particular case of an abortion provider moving across state lines because of the trigger ban, writing in the same sympathetic tone one would right about a refugee family, “In Fargo, N.D., Tammi Kromenaker has found a new location for Red River Women’s Clinic, the only abortion clinic in North Dakota, where a trigger ban will take effect within 30 days. The clinic will move across the river, to Moorhead, Minn., a state with abortion protections in place.”

Nowhere in this piece are mentioned the many crisis pregnancy centers across the country ready and willing to help women get the care they need so they don’t feel pressured to seek an abortion. It’s all about making it easier. The Post’s readers aware of the supposed heroic lengths abortion providers are going to make sure that they can stay open.

It is heartbreaking for these people to think of a world in which it is not legal or encouraged to kill children while they are still in their wombs. Disgusting.