WATCH: Grealish scores after being attacked by pitch invader

There were shameful scenes early on in the Second City Derby was Jack Grealish was punched in the back of the head by a pitch invader.

Tensions are always high when Aston Villa and Birmingham City meet and things were ramped up this time as supporters clashed before the game.

The incident with the pitch invader came just nine minutes in.

Players from both teams were quick to swarm around the supporter before stewards removed him from the field.

He was subsequently arrested.

What a disgrace! We've never seen anything like this!

A Birmingham 'fan' has run onto the pitch and punched Jack Grealish in the back of the head!

Soccer AM (@SoccerAM) March 10, 2019

To his credit, Grealish didn't let the attack put him off.

The 23-year-old opened the scoring with this lovely strike just inside the box.