WATCH: Three women arrested after altercation with bouncers

Three women have been arrested after an altercation which occurred outside Kelly's Cellar'spub in Belfast this weekend.

[brid video="218228" player="8210" title="Bouncers finished"]

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that the women were arrested for assault and public order offences after getting into an altercation with the bouncers outside Kelly's Cellars on Saturday evening around 9.30pm.

In a video published on Facebook, you can see the bouncer telling the women to 'go away' as they continue to make advances towards him.

The bouncers push them away and they fall to the ground but they keep getting up and advancing towards the bouncers.

At one point, one woman throws a glass bottle at one of the bouncers.

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that the women, aged 47, 37 and 28 were remanded in custody on Sunday evening as the investigation was underway.