What To Expect From The Cast Of Netflix’s The Hills-Style Reality Show: Selling Sunset

Netflix's answer to Million Dollar Listing, Selling Sunset, features plenty of gorgeous luxury real estate, sweeping drone shots of Los Angeles, and an impossibly gorgeous cast. The Hills-meets-Flipping Out hybrid didn't necessarily make a ton of headlines when it first premiered in March 2019, but Selling Sunset's cast members have still managed to amass millions of Instagram followers — and have found themselves the subjects of tabloid headlines.

The biggest example: actress-turned-realtor Chrishell Stause, whose TV star husband Justin Hartley was frequently mentioned but never seen throughout the first season and whose bombshell divorce announcement stunned even the most well-sourced gossip reporters. But costar Heather Young made headlines of her own when she began dating HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, a tabloid staple following his divorce from wife Christina, his Flip or Flop costar and business partner.

Those two relationships take up almost as much screen time as the two couples planning weddings in season 2: Mary Fitzgerald and her hot model fiance Romain Bonnet, who were engaged in season 1; and Christine Quinn and her new fiance, Christian, who's introduced in the new episodes.

Of course, there's plenty of gorgeous architecture to ogle as well, as The Oppenheim Group continues to be one of Los Angeles' top real estate brokerages.

In case you forgot the incredibly complicated inter-office dynamics of this messy workplace that very, very frequently blurs the lines of personal and professional, here's a refresher on each of the series' cast members and their places in the Selling Sunset ecosystem.

The Veteran: Mary Fitzgerald

Instagram: @themaryfitzgerald
Age: 39

Her Background: Mary's clearly one of the Oppenheim Group's top realtors — her name is on plenty of high-profile sales mentioned in articles in newspapers and magazines — and she's known the Oppenheim brothers for many years. She even dated Jason for a while before becoming BFFs. She's definitely the office favorite — the other women aren't shy about bringing her favored spot up in their interviews on the show — but she's got the sales to back it up. She began dating younger French model Romain in 2017, got engaged in 2018, and married him in 2019.

Office Drama: The main "drama" from season 1 featured Mary getting mildly offended when newcomer Chrishell asked whether the couple planned to sign a prenup before their wedding, especially since Mary seemed to make more money than her fiance. Things got even more dramatic when Davina seemingly poked fun at the fact that Romain proposed with a fake ring (since he couldn't quite afford the diamond he wanted just yet — he's since replaced the engagement ring with the real deal). But the thing that took both of those incidents over the top was the involvement of Mary's estranged bestie Christine, who's meddling seems to blow each argument out of proportion.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Troublemaker: Christine Quinn

Instagram: @thechristinequinn
Age: 31

Her Background: The Texas native's blazingly funny personality seems tailor-made for reality TV: She's stylish, not afraid to speak her mind (read: talk shit about anyone and everyone), hilarious, always the center of attention, and has perfected the art of the bold red lip (glossy or matte). She's been working at the Oppenheim Group for a while, and although she and Mary are BFFs at the start of season 1, by season 2 there's a rift in their relationship. As season 2 begins, Christine is newly engaged to a tech entrepreneur who retired at 35. They're constantly traveling (in luxury, of course) around the world, and announced their wedding just days before Mary and Romain, whose ceremony is a major focus of season two, announced theirs.

Office Drama: Um…all of it? Christine's outspoken loyalty seems to get her in trouble, and it's clear she starts fights just to stir things up. She's very good at it, turning a small spat between Chrishell and Mary into a season-long arc last year, and inserting herself into wedding drama in season 2 that didn't even have anything to do with her.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Amateur: Chrishell Stause

Instagram: @chrishell.stause
Age: 38

Her Background: After working as an actress for many years (including stints on soaps All My Children and Days of Our Lives), Stause got her real estate license as a way to keep busy between gigs. She was the new girl in the office in season 1, but in season 2 she's finally making a name for herself as she tries to break into the Valley market for the Oppenheim Group, which has traditionally focused on the Hollywood Hills area. She was the most recognizable cast member in season 1 thanks to her then-marriage to This Is Us star Justin Hartley.

Office Drama: Stause's faux pas (asking whether Mary and Romain intended to sign a prenup) led to the biggest blowup of season 1, and the drama follows her in season 2. She tries to stay hands off and smooth difficult situations over, but it doesn't really work. Come on, this is reality TV.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Up-and-Comer: Heather Young

Instagram: @heatherraeyoung
Age: 32

Her Background: The former model (she was a Playboy Playmate of the Month in 2010) pivoted to real estate in her twenties, and has worked at the Oppenheim Group for about five years. You can tell that she was the new girl before Chrishell came along, and relishes not being at the bottom of the office hierarchy anymore.

Office Drama: While Heather took a supporting role in season 1, her new relationship (and its tabloid fodder — she's dating HGTV star Tarek El Moussa) takes center stage in season 2, and Heather gets into her own feud with newcomer Amanza. She's not quite up to Christine's level of stirring the pot, but she tries her hand at it when she brings up a conversation that causes plenty of drama later in the second season.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Observer: Maya Vander

Instagram: @themayavander

Her Background: The Israel native splits her time between Los Angeles and Miami, where she and her husband have started a family. Her priorities seem very family-focused — she announces her second pregnancy during season 2 — and she observes much of the Oppenheim office drama from the outside. (Seriously — she's the only person in the cast who isn't involved in any of the in-fighting.) She's interested in getting into real estate development, and is being mentored by Brett.

Office Drama: She's a mom — there's a baby to take care of, so she doesn't have time to get involved in petty arguments. She'll crack a kooky joke, but generally she seems like the most neutral party in every situation.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Pro: Davina Potratz

Instagram: @davinapotratz

Her Background: Davina's personal life hasn't made it to the screen on Selling Sunset, but her bio on the Oppenheim Group website holds plenty of treasures. The German native spent a decade working as a model before pivoting to real estate full time, and heads up the New Development Division of the company. She's had her real estate license since 2006.

Office Drama: Davina seemed to watch the drama unfold from afar in season 1, occasionally offering a biting critique of what was going on, but her comments about the ring Romain used to propose to Mary got under his skin and she finds herself at the center of one of season 2's biggest scandals. On the plus side, she's also the center of season 2's biggest property: a $75 million compound on an acre of land in Beverly Hills.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The New Girl: Amanza Smith

Instagram: @amanzasmith

Her Background: The former NFL cheerleader and model (she spent two seasons on Deal or No Deal) has been the Oppenheim Group's interior design expert for a few years, but joins the cast for season 2 as a newly licensed realtor. She's known Mary and Jason for almost 20 years, and became even closer to the two of them as she split from her husband, former NFL player Ralph Brown, and became a single mom. She made headlines in 2014 when she dated Taye Diggs following his split from Idina Menzel.

Office Drama: As Mary's BFF, Amanza's loyalties lie with Mary. But Amanza stirs up drama of her own when she cautions Heather to be careful in her new relationship so as to protect the children involved. Somehow that's a controversial statement, and causes at least a half a season's worth of drama.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Fiance: Romain Bonnet

Instagram: @theromainbonnet
Age: 26

His Background: Bonnet is a model (represented by the Wilhelmina agency) with incredible bone structure and absolutely chiseled abs who is particularly fond of posting shirtless selfies on instagram (click over there. Stay a while. You're welcome.). He and Mary tied the knot last year (after meeting in 2017) in a ceremony that was of course captured for Selling Sunset season 2.

Office Drama: While he doesn't actually work at The Oppenheim Group, he's a central figure in a lot of the biggest fights: In season 1, he was indirectly involved in the Chrishell-Mary-Christine drama that started with Chrishell asking whether he and Mary planned to sign a prenup when they got married, and in season 2 his insistence that one of the women not be invited to the wedding for disrespecting him causes even more fireworks.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Bosses: Jason and Brett Oppenheim

Instagram: @jasonoppenheim
Instagram: @brettoppenheim
Ages: 43

Their Background: The twins have carved out a niche for The Oppenheim Group as the No. 1 brokerage for luxe real estate in the Hollywood Hills, and frequently make national and local top realtor lists. They specialize in high-end houses for high-end and celebrity clients, and chances are that plenty of the celebrity transactions you might've read about in The Hollywood Reporter or Variety or the Los Angeles Times were brokered by these guys. They own the company on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood where all the women work.

Office Drama: They're never at the center of the office drama, but considering one of them (Jason) was in a serious relationship with Mary for a long time and the other spends an entire scene being hypothetically propositioned by another employee, this is definitely not a typical (or entirely appropriate) employer-employee situation. This is not to say there's anything untoward going on, but office banter is frequently flirtatious and uncomfortable. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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