White Jesus Fix It! Tiffany D. Cross Calls Out “50-Year-Old” Bully And Blackface Connoisseur Megyn Kelly Over Attacks On Naomi Osaka

You’re not invited to this table sweetie, you don’t have the range!

Tiffany D. Cross addresses Megyn Kelly

Source: Marla Aufmuth / Phillip Faraone / Getty

If you haven’t been watching Tiffany D. Cross on her show “The Cross Connection,” airing Saturday mornings on MSNBC you need to be tuned in.

This week she devoted 3:33 to scorching Megyn Kelly for DARING to tweet multiple idiotic comments directed at Naomi Osaka, who she unwisely chose to target over her recent attempts to protect her health — largely because Osaka has been getting a lot of love from the press.

See a sampling of her idiocy below:

Now watch Tiffany light her a$$ up below:

Yessssss! We stan.