Who Is Bobby Joe Keesee? Wikipedia Bio Details To Know About

Who Is Bobby Joe Keesee? Wikipedia Bio Details To Know About Former war veteran turned criminal Bobby Joe Keesee is not yet featured on Wikipedia. Meanwhile, here’s everything to know about him
Bobby Joe Keesee was a former war veteran who later turned into a criminal.
Bobby as a civilian was not authorized the POW (Prisoner Of War) Medal. But, he is listed by the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office as a Vietnam War POW.4
Keesee is known as both a crook and a soldier of misfortune.
Bobby Joe Keesee

Former Military Personnel
Payrol Keesee
Mrs. John R. Brangle
Who is Bobby Joe Keesee?
Bobby Joe Keesee was a  Korean War veteran who later turned into a criminal.
During the Korean War, Keesee was an eighth-grade dropout who earned the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.
Keesee entered the National Guard and then the Army, serving as a paratrooper in the Korean War in 1951.
He earned the Bronze Star after being injured while trying to save some captured troops.
Bobby Joe Keesee was a thief who had stolen an airplane in Thailand and was fleeing authorities when he ran out of fuel and crashed on an NVN island.
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Bobby is now imprisoned in Mexico for attempting to assassinate the president.
The exploits of Keesee and his arrest for assassination were widely published in the New York Times in 1975.
According to reports, Keesee was sentenced to life in prison and began serving it at the Federal Prison in San Diego.
Bobby Joe Keesee Wikipedia
Bobby Joe Keesee doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio.
However, many sources like The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Military Times have covered his biography and his crimes.
Also, there is much information on his bio. on the web. However, Bobby is 65 years old.
And, his father’s name is Payrol Keesee, who now lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
Similarly, Bobby also has a sister named John R Brangle.
He has spent much of his life in jail as a result of his actions and misdeeds.