Who Is Doodlenoodle64 From TikTok? Devin Reed Instagram Bio

Who Is Doodlenoodle64 From TikTok? Meet Devin Reed On Instagram Table of Contents
Doodlenoodle64 is a famous TikTok star who is currently trending for his amazingly hilarious and cunning videos.
Doodlenoodle64 joined TikTok only recently but has been able to create a massive fanbase for himself.
His TikTok tends to connect with the current Gen Z netizens. His TikTok usually is on the subject of alcoholism and travel vlogs kind of videos.
Doodlenoodle64 started his journey in TikTok in the July of 2019. And, within two years, he has amassed 12.1k likes in total.
Further, he is also planning to expand his presence through other platforms like YouTube and Instagram.
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@Doodlenoodle64 @doodlenoodle64 We’ve all been there ##fyp ##WorldPeace ##foryoupage #stoner ##vibesesh ##badvibes ##lovethehomies ♬ original sound – Jordan Zyla Who Is Doodlenoodle64 From TikTok?
Doodlenoodle64 is a TikTok star whose real name is Devin Reed. He currently has 5887 followers on his account. 
Devin Reed’s most popular style of making TikTok is travel vlogging. In his TikTok videos, he travels to many interesting places and gives reviews about the places through his TikTok in a commentary style.
His most popular video on TikTok is the one he made in the September of 2020. In the said TikTok video, he talks about being stoned and compares himself with Elon Musk.
Further, Doodlenoodle64’s TikTok bio states that he is an IDEK (I don’t even know) kind of guy. @doodlenoodle64 We’ve all been there ##fyp ##WorldPeace ##foryoupage #stoner ##vibesesh ##badvibes ##lovethehomies ♬ original sound – Jordan Zyla Facts To Know About Doodlenoodle64
Doodlenoodle64 is not currently available on Instagram. He hasn’t revealed the reason for his absence from the platform.
Born in the year 2002, Doodlenoodle64 aka Devin Reed’s age is 19 years old as of February of 2021.
Doodlenoodle64’s video on TikTok receive around 3k to 4k views on average.
The internet personality recently made a duet with another famous TikTok sensation named Daniella, which also went viral on TikTok and the internet.
David is also active on the social media app Snapchat under the username @devreed2.0. On Snapchat, he tends to share moments from his everyday life.