Who Is EJ Barnes? Everything On Her Husband and Partner

Who Is EJ Barnes? Everything On Her Husband and Partner Ej Barnes is the second-oldest daughter of Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes. Did you know about Ej Barnes’s husband? 
Barnes is an Australian musician. She has been in the air for a long time.
Her voice is made for any kind of genre. Rock, melody, jazz, you just take the name, and consider her your perfect fit.
So have you ever questioned yourself, how well you are familiar with Ej Barnes? If not, you have come to the right place.
Let us keep all the chit-chat aside, jump right into the topic.
Meet Ej Barnes from Australia. Like her father, she is rocking the music industry with her dope music. Quick Facts:Name
Eliza Jane Barnes
December 22, 1984
Jimmy Metherell
@squeejie Ej Barnes: Everything To Know About Her
Ej Barnes stands for Eliza Jane Barne. She is an Australian singer. Barnes got exposure to music from an early age.
She followed her father’s footsteps, Jimmy Barnes. Her mother’s name is Jane Mahoney.
Ej Barnes was born on December 22, 1984. As of 2021, she is 36 years old.
She has three other siblings who are in the music industry.
Maybe Jimmy was thinking of opening up his band before being a father.
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As per lastfm, Eliza Barnes formed a band with the other three siblings, Jackie, Mahalia, and Elly-May. 
Her father gave her a chance to join his band. At the initial stage, Eliza gave back vocals and helped her father composing music.
Later she started writing her songs and worked with artists like Mark Lizotte, Liam Finna, and many more.
Barnes is so good with vocals she was featured on the YouTube channel Eddie Vedder. 
You can check out her music and Instagram to get a more peek into her life.
She is on Instagram under the name of @squeejie. She has 2,356 followers for now. Ej Barnes Husband And Partner- Is She Married?
Ej Barnes is married to her husband, Jimmy Metherell.
Jimmy’s family background and current working status are not discussed. We assume he is associated with the music industry.
Likewise, they seem to love each other a lot. Barnes has frequently mentioned him on her Instagram.